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Id:Invaded Season 2 – Release Date, News & Story

Id:Invaded, a virtual playground for the mind, used by detectives to solve cases by diving into the conscience of criminals. It is a riveting story packed with mind-boggling puzzles and the well-curated dialogues that is bound to amaze anyone.

Id:Invaded is, in many ways, a great contender to compete against the popular crime series — ‘Psycho-Pass.’ The first season was well received by the audience and was appreciated by the critics too. After a blockbuster first season, fans are eagerly awaiting the second season. Let me just break the ice by saying it is ON!

1. Release Date

The official account of Id: Invaded posted this tweet and released the teaser trailer claiming more information will be out soon.

The same account released a photo on April 2, 2021 in which the three people could be the part of production team indicating that something is definitely brewing.

The second part of Id:Invaded is likely to be released sometime in Mid 2021 – possibly June or July.

Although there isn’t an official confirmation of a new season, it is highly unlikely that this will be another ‘No game no life.’

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ID:INVADED イド:インヴェイデッド Official Trailer 01

2. Theory Section

In the theory section, I will discuss various factors that affect the production of a sequel. This includes information on the studio, my take on season 1, it is popular or not, etc.

I. About the Studio

‘Studio Naz’ is behind the brilliant animation of Id:Invaded. Despite being a newcomer, Naz did well and received immense appreciation. Their other projects are ‘Hamatora’ and ‘Infinite Dendrogram’ [which is another MAJOR ISEKAI hit of 2020 by the way].

II. About the Show

I just can’t stop admiring the show.

It’s unbelievable how season 1 manages to pack so much into 13 episodes. It’s no small feat to be able to tell a story full of complexity and sophisticated characters.

Id:Invaded not only undergoes some drastic character development, but it’s concept of several layers coating the true story, leaves you thinking about what’s true and what’s not?

III. What makes it popular?

Most of the anime community hasn’t caught up to this one and I dare say that Id:Invaded never got its breakthrough moment. People who’ve watched the show are like cult members recommending it to other otakus. So it may take a while, but it’s going to get there.

Masked with the vibes of ‘Inception,’ it’s unique even in the Otaku world. You’re unlikely to experience such a rich story in this such a creative format.

id invaded season 2

I had my expectations from the very first episode, but as it progressed, I was left perplexed and happier than I thought. All in all, this one deserves the fame.

IV. About the Creators

What enhances it’s appeal further is that it’s an original anime. YES, it is not based on a light novel or manga. This means that no one already knows the story!

The project director is none other than Ei Aoki, who is known for his work in ‘Fate/Zero’ and ‘The Garden of Sinners’.

And Otaro Maijo is working with him as the project’s novelist, known for his manga – ‘Biorg Trinity.’

The anime received a manga adaptation in 2019; Id:Invaded #Brake-Broken, which was published by Kadokawa and serialized in ‘Young Ace.’ It is the sequel to the anime, and Yuuki Kodama is appointed as the illustrator of the manga.

3. Production Update

As Id:Invaded did very well and attracted a lot of people with rich animation and brilliant storyline, it was bound to get a new season, but as of now, there’s no official announcement from either Studio Naz or Kodakawa.

Not to cause panic, but there is a chance that the anime might get postponed due to the pandemic. We have seen many productions get affected so a delay won’t be much of a surprise.

4. Key Visual and Trailer

There is no news about the key visual of the second season, and the same goes for the trailer too. But as soon as it drops, we will make sure to post it here.

5. Expected Storyline

As the last episode aired, it appeared that everything had been solved. John Walker’s identity was revealed and he was captured by the organization. But is it that simple? There are several underlying layers within the captivity of John Walker which may still pose a threat.

Further, more challenges await Sakaido and Miyo, as there are still numerous cases where their expertise will play a pivotal role. Also, Asuaki is still suffering. Season 2 will bring more questions than answers, and that’s what people like us need.

What will happen to the Kura Organisation?

Might they expand in other countries as well?

What about the Mizuhanome system?

6. Season 1 Recap

The Mizuhanome system lets a person dive into the conscience of someone. The Kura, a specialised police force tasked with handling the system along with the brilliant detective Akihito Narihisago, untangle the complexities of serial killers and their crimes.

Akihito upon entering the system, loses his memories and become Sakaido, a detective whose task is to solve the task given to him; crime-related tasks which include murders. From the very beginning, Kaeru appears as a victim inside the mind of each serial killer he visits. Her death becomes central to the investigation and amidst this chaos, there is this John Walker who freely hops in and out of the system; a disaster for certain.

The story follows the journey of Sakaido and team and how they unravel several mysteries including the death of Kaeru and the true identity of John Walker which was actually surprising.

It ends on a happy note but yes there are still several loose ends which if not knotted in time, it might be the inception of another chaos.

7. Cast and Staff :

The cast and staff for the previous season were :

  • Director – Ei Aoki
  • Series Composition – Outarou Maijo
  • Character Design – Atsushi Ikariya
  • Kenjiro Tsuda as Sakaido
  • Mao Ichimichi aa Koharu Hondoumachi
  • Yoshimasa Hosoya as Funetarou Momoki
  • Ryouta Takeuchi as Tamotsu Fukuda
  • Yume Miyamoto as Kaeru

8. About Id:Invaded

Id:Invaded is an original anime by Studio Naz and Kadokawa. It got serialized into a manga in 2019 under the name, “Id:Invaded #BreakBroken”

Mizuhanome system, built by a group of experts, allows humans to dive into the conscience of criminals. Initially, it appears as a cluttered mess of thoughts, disorganized and puzzling, but if explored well, one can easily find out the intentions of a criminal.Sakaido, a brilliant detective, enters the system with the help of Kura, an organization that handles the system. Co-ordinating with each other they embark on a journey to uncover serial killers and their intentions.

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