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Latest Trailer for ‘Shadowverse Flame’ Previews New Opening Theme

Shadowverse Flame, the second anime series in the Shadowverse franchise, came out better than what most people expected. Instead of being like a kodomo, the show turned out to be more of a shonen anime with a fantastic story and combat sequences. All good action anime are accompanied by a fire[…]

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Shadowverse Card Battle Game Receives Hilarious New Manga in November

Shadowverse, the popular card battle game turned anime series is here with a new surprise for otakus. After its hit 48-episode anime series, it was expected to return with some more, and it is finally delivering on fans’ expectations.

Cygames’ Shadowverse game will be receiving a manga

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Smartphone Game Shadowverse Announces Second TV Anime

When a smartphone game gets not one but two anime adaptations, that’s when you know it’s really good. Shadowverse, a Cygames Inc’s video game series, is getting a second anime titled “Shadowverse F (Flame).” Centering on a brand new protagonist named Tenryu Wright, Shadowverse F follows Wright and […]