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Original Mecha Anime ‘Bang Brave Bang Bravern’ in Works by Cygames

Mecha anime sounds obsolete, but even they have shared some unique stories that you would never get to hear anywhere else. ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’, ‘Voltron’, and ‘Patlabor’ are widely known among fans. Also, ‘Gundam’ and ‘Transformers’ continue to tell new stories to this date. A new[…]

Manga News Shadowverse

Shadowverse Card Battle Game Receives Hilarious New Manga in November

Shadowverse, the popular card battle game turned anime series is here with a new surprise for otakus. After its hit 48-episode anime series, it was expected to return with some more, and it is finally delivering on fans’ expectations.

Cygames’ Shadowverse game will be receiving a manga


Zombie Land Saga Revenge Reveals New Trailer with Epic Performances and Hellish Routine!

When you think of zombie anime, you are reminded of blood, death, and awful screams, not music and dancing. However, Zombie Land Saga attempts to do exactly that with a group of undead idols! The 2018 hit anime series is coming back with a second season, and we cannot wait to see our favorite[…]