Latest Trailer for ‘Shadowverse Flame’ Previews New Opening Theme

Shadowverse Flame, the second anime series in the Shadowverse franchise, came out better than most people expected. Instead of being like a kodomo, the show turned out to be more of a shonen anime with fantastic stories and combat sequences.

A fire soundtrack accompanies all good action anime; the same goes for this one. The franchise gave us some sick beats that made the anime’s duel scenes even better, giving us an all-around great experience.

Shadowverse Flame has already surpassed its predecessor in terms of action, visuals, and popularity. Now the anime is on its way to beating the previous series in music, too, with its latest opening theme, ‘Tick-Tock’ by NEWS.

TV anime “Shadowverse F” 3rd cool “Shadova club competition” PV

The anime’s latest teaser previews the new opening song, which will debut in the upcoming episode 26 on October 1, 2022. It also shows how epic and thrilling the coming episodes will be.

Since the episode will mark the beginning of the Shadowverse Club Tournament, the track was created keeping that in mind. The upcoming competition will decide Seventh Flame’s fate and whether they’ll be allowed to function as a club.

In the last episode, we saw a fight between Light and Andrea, one of Shadoba Academy’s teachers.

: Latest Trailer for 'Shadowverse Flame' Previews New Opening Theme
Andrea | Source: Official Website

Andrea tells Light that if he can’t beat her when she’s not even playing seriously, then there’s no chance of him going against Haruma.

Although this frustrates and unsettles Light, he regains his composure and doesn’t give up. He declares that he’s become stronger than before, and seeing Light’s skills, Andrea also accepts that he’s not the same rookie anymore.

: Latest Trailer for 'Shadowverse Flame' Previews New Opening Theme
The Seventh Flame Club (Left to Right): Itsuki, Red, Light, Subaru, Gentleman, Tsubasa | Source: Official Website

Considering the other opponents’ strengths, you can imagine how tense the environment must be. Light and the Seventh Flame might have become stronger, but they still have a long way to go.

However, the members have trained a lot, and maybe they’ll be able to reap the fruits of their hard work in the upcoming tournament.

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About Shadowverse

Shadowverse is a digital collectible card game that was created and released by Cygames, Inc. It was released in June 2016 as a free-to-play game for iOS and Android smartphones.

Hiro Rygasaki, a Tensei Academy student, is the protagonist of the anime. Hiro acquiring a smartphone under bizarre pretenses, with a digital card game “Shadowverse” installed, results in him encountering adversaries, competing in tournaments, and building friendships through the game.

Studio ZEXCS worked on its anime adaptation. Shogakukan’s Monthly Coro Coro Comic magazine will serialize the manga adaptation.

Source: Shadowverse Anime’s Official YouTube Channel


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