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Ride Or Die Live-Action Movie Previews A Disturbingly Joyful Scene in New Clip

When you are ready to throw away your whole life for someone, is it love or foolishness? Ride or Die, the live-action adaptation of the Gunjou manga, has just revealed a clip! Rei is so much in love with Nanae that only a single request from her was enough for Rei to kill Nanae’s abusive husband.

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Gunjou’s Live-Action Film Trailer Teases Two Women’s Blood And Love Filled Escapade

Gunjou is not a sweet and simple yuri manga. It is a tumultuous storm of a love story. In its upcoming live-action adaptation film, we will witness the two protagonists going on a journey after losing everything they have except each other. When you are ready to kill for your love, is it still love?

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Yuri Manga, Gunjou, Inspires Netflix Live-Action Movie, Ride Or Kill

“A smile from you can destroy my whole life,” says Rei after murdering the husband of the woman she loves. Gunjou, the yuri manga carved out of flesh, blood, and bones, will take you on a journey that you can never forget. Gunjou is not a tale about the kind of love that lets two people eat[…]