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Gunjou’s Live-Action Film Trailer Teases Two Women’s Blood And Love Filled Escapade

Gunjou is not a sweet and simple yuri manga. It is a tumultuous storm of a love story.

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In its upcoming live-action adaptation film, we will witness the two protagonists going on a journey after losing everything they have except each other.

When you are ready to kill for your love, is it still love? Or is it utter madness? Or is it something that can only be understood by those who have experienced it?

A new trailer for the live-action adaptation of Gunjo, named Kanojo (She), is being streamed. The film will premiere on 15th April 2021 on Netflix.

『彼女』ティザー予告編 - Netflix
“She” Teaser Trailer-Netflix

The trailer starts with a pretty road-trip vibe, but soon, it turns into something much darker. After Rei killed Nanae’s husband at her bidding, both of them had to run away to escape the cops.

Although Nanae was only using Rei’s feelings for her at first, soon, she gets entangled in an intense relationship with Rei.

Rei’s blood-smeared body stands as a testimony to how she can do anything and everything for the person she loves.

Netflix has also revealed a new visual showing the two main protagonists of the film.

Gunjou’s Live-Action Film Trailer Teases Two Women’s  Blood & Love Filled Escapade
Gunjou Visual | Source: Crunchyroll

The film is named Ride or Kill in English and Kanojo in Japanese, and it will receive an exclusive worldwide premiere on Netflix.

“My life will be tattered just because you smile.”

Rei kills Nanae’s husband in order to save Nanae, a high school lover who was suffering from domestic violence. The Netflix movie “She”, which depicts the escape of two people who have nowhere to go and return, will be exclusively distributed worldwide from April 15th.

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Harumi Hosono performs the film’s theme song while acclaimed movie director Ryuichi Hiroki is in charge of direction.

Hiroki has also worked on other live-action adaptations like Marmalade Boy, and Wolf Girl and Black Prince.

The film will not portray the soft and cute side of love but rather a love that can make humans fight with nails and fangs bared.

About Gunjou

Gunjou is a yuri manga by Ching Nakamura that was first published by Kodansha in 2007. The manga’s serialization ended in 2012. It will be adapted into a live-action film in spring 2021.

Rei loves Nanae since her high school days. Nanae, however, thinks of her only as someone who can be used. She makes Rei kill her abusive husband for her. Now both of them are on the run to escape the police.

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