Gunjou Live-Action Film: April 15

Blood & Love Filled PV Revealed

By Epic Dope Staff | February 26, 2021

Gunjou is not a simple yuri manga. It is a tumultuous storm of a love story.

A new trailer for the live-action adaptation of Gunjo, named Kanojo (She), is being streamed. The film will premiere on 15th April 2021 on Netflix.

The trailer starts with a pretty road-trip vibe, but soon, it turns into something much darker. After Rei killed Nanae’s husband, both of them run away.

Rei’s blood-smeared body stands as a testimony to how she can do anything and everything for the person she loves.

Netflix has also revealed a new visual showing the two main protagonists.

Harumi Hosono performs the film’s theme song while acclaimed movie director Ryuichi Hiroki is in charge.