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Ride Or Die Live-Action Movie Previews A Disturbingly Joyful Scene in New Clip

When you are ready to throw away your whole life for someone, is it love or foolishness? Ride or Die, the live-action adaptation of the Gunjou manga, has just revealed a new clip!

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Rei is so much in love with Nanae that only a single request from her was enough for Rei to kill Nanae’s abusive husband. Nanae and Rei run away together to escape the police.

Ride or Die, the live-action film, will premiere on 15th April on Netflix. A brand-new clip from the movie has been revealed!

『彼女』本編映像:レイと七恵の逃避行 - Netflix Japan
“She” Main Video: Rei and Nanae’s Escape-Netflix Japan

The clip shows Rei and Nanae eating at a roadside restaurant while they are on the run from the police. Both of them seem really happy and are giggling at each other before Rei encounters shocking information.

Does the newspaper have details on the murder? Are they wanted by the police now? The clip also has a melancholic aura in it. As if both Rei and Nanae are laughing their hearts out while they still have the chance. They are cherishing the little time they have left.

Netflix announced the adaptation in February this year. Netflix will be exclusively streaming the film worldwide simultaneously.

Rei and Nanae will learn a lot of things about each other on their escapade. Although Rei is being used, she still cannot get over her one-sided love.

They will encounter many people on their journey. Some have given up on life, just like them. Will they see the world differently now? The upcoming live-action film will have many emotions to convey within a short time period.

About Gunjou

Gunjou is a lesbian manga series by Ching Nakamura. It was serialized from 2007 to 2012. A live-action series called Ride or Die is being inspired by it.

Rei kills Nanae’s husband on her bidding as he is abusive towards her. Now both of them are on the run from the police.

Their doomed journey will lead them to learn many things before they meet the fate that they have decided for themselves.

Source: Netflix Youtube

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