Anime News The Klutzy Witch: Fūka and the Dark Witch

New Trailer Out for The Klutzy Witch: Fūka and the Dark Witch

What if the fate of the world lies in the hands of a student witch who not only fails at magic but also put the world in jeopardy in the first place? The hilarious and magical story of Fūka and her friends trying to fix her mistake will unfold next month. On Thursday, the production staff for the[…]

Anime Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki-kun News

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki Confirms New Anime with Nostalgic PV

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki showed us an introvert’s journey to leveling up in season 1. After following a rigorous routine set up by Hinami, Tomozaki can finally move on to the next stage of his life. In season 1, Tomozaki finally got a part-time job, but Hinami isn’t done training him just[…]