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Is Eric Based on a True Story? How Does It End?

The real monster in Eric, the emotional thriller from playwright and screenwriter Abi Morgan (Shame, The Hour, The Iron Lady), isn’t a big, blue beast. It’s something much more sinister. The series, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as a puppeteer named Vincent looking for his missing young son […]

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Aisha: Sex Education Season 4 Character Guide and Analysis

Aisha: The Confident New GirlAisha is a new student at Moordale Secondary School in Sex Education Season 4. She is introduced as an outgoing, confident teenage girl who quickly becomes part of the leading friend group. Here is an in-depth look at Aisha’s character and role in Season 4: Background […]

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Here’s Why Sex Education Will Not Be Renewed for Season 5

The Sex Education season finale was quite conclusive and answered all our questions. All our beloved characters got their deserving endings, which prepares us to say goodbye to this wholesome series that entertained us for five years! As confirmed by Netflix last year, Sex Education season 4 is i[…]