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Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen: Reveals Trailer And ED Artist

Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen is the second installment of the two-part adaptation of Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet spinoff novels written by Yuichiro Higashide. It is about a girl suffering from amnesia who wakes up in a different world and realizes that there are people who set […]

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Date A Bullet: Dead Or Bullet: Episode Runtime and Plot

Kurumi Tokisaki is a mysterious and powerful spirit in the Date A Live series. She has a killing streak of 10,000 people, but her looks can deceive even the most experienced person. She has shown her sadistic side several times in the anime and refuses to bend to anyone else’s view. Even though her picture […]

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Dead or Bullet: Release Date, Visuals, Trailer and Updates

Tokisaki Kurumi was called ‘the best girl’ by her fans when she first greeted the silver screen back in 2013. Though she is a tragic villainess who is beyond redemption, her number of admirers refuse to decrease. For the first time, the audience will get to see the ‘greater picture’ from her perspective in the […]

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Date A Bullet Spin-Off Will Be A Movie: Release Date, Promo & Production Details

Date a Bullet was announced to have an adaptation in fall 2019. It was to be fragrant from the original title: Date a Live. Let’s take a look at Date a Bullet anime adaptation, its release date, and other details. 1. Date A Bullet Release Date Date a Bullet will release in Fall 2020. No exact […]