Anime News Peachboy Riverside

Peachboy Riverside’s New Visual Gives a Cheerful Take on Its Gruesome Folklore Story

When a giant Oni threatening to kill her loved ones, brings princess Sally closer to Oni hunter Mikoto, these two ladies decide to stay by each other’s side and go on a monster hunting journey together. This is the story of Coolkyoushinja’s Peachboy Riverside manga that’s getting adapted into […]

Anime News One Piece

One Piece Anime reveals Straw Hat Crew in Wano Country

One Piece is one of those shows that has been loved for ages. Big news for anime fans came last week when the longest of all arcs, Whole Cake Island Arc ended. It marked the start of something bigger and better, Wano Arc and the future takedown of Kaido. The latest episode also showed the […]