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One Piece Anime reveals Straw Hat Crew in Wano Country

One Piece is one of those shows that has been loved for ages. Big news for anime fans came last week when the longest of all arcs, Whole Cake Island Arc ended. It marked the start of something bigger and better, Wano Arc and the future takedown of Kaido. The latest episode also showed the whereabouts of the rest of the crew. So far, three episodes have been released for the Wano Arc.

The first episode starts with the crew that ran from the clutches of Big Mom, heading towards Wano Country. A sudden change in the atmosphere makes Nami realise that Kineomn told her about the harsh conditions to enter Wano. The crew is taken by surprise when a mysterious Octopus comes aboard, with freakishly huge carps. Sunny is forced to follow the direction of the current with the carp and is then helped by them to climb the waterfall. Unfortunately for the crew, the joy is short-lived as they sink into a whirlpool right after.

The second episode starts with the rest of the crew missing. Luffy is on a beach in the Wano Country along with Sunny with no idea about where he is. The topic of contention here is the whereabouts of the rest of the crew: especially our three-sword style swordsman and the all-time favourite, Roronoa Zoro. The current whereabouts of all the allies, including Kozuki Clan and protectors and the Heart Pirates, are still unknown.

All the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates have successfully infiltrated the Wano country and are living in disguise. On Kinemon’s instructions, they are waiting for the right time, i.e., when Luffy arrives.

It seems that Nico Robin aka ‘Orobi’ is a Geisha. She is seen practising her dance with a professional and is hoping to get called by the shogun of Wano country himself to dance. From our perspective, she is honing the skill for the future mission, and her dance in shogun’s house has more depth to it. Builder Franky aka ‘Franosuke’ is shown enjoying his work as a carpenter. He is always excellent and is consistently praised by his boss for a perfect job.

Like Franky, Usopp aka ‘Usohachi’ is doing what he’s good at doing. That is, convincing people – being a salesman. He is working as a toad oil salesman which supposedly heals every kind of injury. Usopp shows his skills by taking his time in explaining the qualities of the sword and then cutting himself with the sword. He later heals it with the toad oil, making it worth buying for the customers.

Now is the time for the best of them all. Roronoa Zoro aka ‘Zorojuro’ is a Ronin of the Wano Country. Ah! It was expected. A ronin is a samurai who has no master or lord and has the freedom to do as he wishes. The much-awaited moment for anime fans, arrives when Zoro is arrested for a crime he didn’t commit and is sentenced to seppuku – a ritual where a samurai commits suicide. But, he starts a fight and defeats the strongest samurai present, with a slash of seppuku blade. It is and intense fight and a fight worth watching.

There is a lot to unfold in the Wano Arc, and everything is uncertain for now. But we are sure that this arc is going to be the best One Piece arc to date.

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