Anime News When Will Ayumu Make His Move?

When will Ayumu Make His Move? Anime Reveals an Endearing New Teaser

We do all kinds of foolish things when we get a crush, and so did Ayumu, who makes a promise to himself that he’ll confess only after he beats his crush in a game of shogi. The stupid part is that his crush is the president of his school’s shogi club, so When Will Ayumu Make His Move? Not[…]

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Japan Sinks 2020 Blu-ray to be Released in March Next Year

In an alternate universe where the Pandemic never hits our world and Tokyo Olympics 2020 does not get delayed, the events of Japan Sinks 2020 follow in such a universe. However, shortly after the Tokyo Olympics 2020, a major earthquake strikes Japan, and as people try to[…]

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Japan Sinks: 2020 Theatrical Edit Movie Reveals New Trailer

Humans are the superior creatures on Earth, but time to time, we realize how helpless we are in the face of natural disasters. Japan Sinks: 2020  follows the stories of the lives of several people when disaster strikes Japan. The real nature of humans comes out, and while we see the evil, we are also […]

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Japan Sinks: 2020 Gets A Theatrical Edit Film In November

What can bring out the true nature of a human other than a crisis, and what else can bring out the true nature of humanity, other than a natural disaster? Japan sinks is not merely an anime about a natural disaster, but it also shows how helpless humans are in this vast world. The looming […]