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Goodbye Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe! Here’s Why Riverdale is Ending After S7

The CW’s most popular teen drama in recent years, Riverdale, has finally come to an end after a long run of 7 seasons. The series finale aired on Netflix this week. The CW has been on a cancellation spree lately, as they’ve cancelled several running shows without any explanation. However, Riverda[…]

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Riverdale Series Finale Explained: What is Archie & His Friends’ Endgame?

After a rollercoaster ride spanning six years and seven seasons, Riverdale makers finally tell us what happens to Archie and his friends from the titular’ town with pep.’The show is packed with references to its Archie Comics roots and explores the at-times ridiculousness of its source material w[…]

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Riverdale S7 E14 Ending: A Musical Love Letter to Archie and His Fans

It is all musical in episode 14 of Riverdale season 7. The episode, titled “Archie the Musical,” features original songs written by Kevin Keller and Clay Walker, two of Archie’s friends and fellow students at Riverdale High. The entire episode is in the form of a musical and honors Archie, who ha[…]

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Top Hot Riverdale Dads Ranked

Riverdale, the TV adaption of Archie Comics is a series full of many exciting storylines. The series is set up in a small town named Riverdale around the lives of four High School kids, Betty, Archie, Jughead and Veronica dealing with the mysteries of their village. Riverdale is full of recognizable Archie’s comic elements, but […]