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Top Hot Riverdale Dads Ranked

Riverdale, the TV adaption of Archie Comics is a series full of many exciting storylines. The series is set up in a small town named Riverdale around the lives of four High School kids, Betty, Archie, Jughead and Veronica dealing with the mysteries of their village. Riverdale is full of recognizable Archie’s comic elements, but it is undoubtedly not the story that your father read.

If you like a good mystery, enjoy the tension of love triangles, heartbreaks, and sexual awakening, Riverdale is a series that you’ll adore. With all those charming boys and flawlessly beautiful girls, let alone the engaging story, how can it not be? But what’s more astonishing is the “dad” crew. The hot and ever charming dads of Riverdale are one of the crucial reasons for the show to become such a center of attraction.

From Pop Tate’s cuteness to Hiram Lodge’s sizzling physique these dads won’t fail to entertain you. So here are the Top 10 worst to best fathers in Riverdale you need to look out for in the show. For those who haven’t seen season 3 yet      * Spoiler Alerts*

10. Clifford Blossom

Clifford “Cliff” Blossom, as some might refer to as the Killer Dad, portrayed by Barclay Hope was the main antagonist of Riverdale Season 1. He was the husband of Penelope Blossom and the father of Cheryl and Jason Blossom and to everybody’s surprise late grandfather of Polly’s twin babies. Living in the Thornhill (which was later set ablaze and destroyed by Cheryl), his character was shady from the start. Even though he was the wealthiest person and an established dealer of maple syrup in Riverdale, he never became a good father. He had many dark secrets, was running an underground drug business with the Sugar Man. Clifford even killed his son for “disobedience.” Not a great dad, I know!

9. Hal Cooper

“This is a town of sinners, Betty. And Sinners have to die. Your speech at the Jubilee. Riverdale must do better. We must do better. Reminded me of a promise that I’d made to my mother. That this town will do better. We must do better. So I picked up my father’s sword, and I continued the work that he and my grandfather started. The purging of sin.”

Hal about being the Black Hood

Hal Cooper, portrayed by Lochlyn Munro, turned out to be one of the most mysterious characters of Riverdale. Hal is the father of our “Simply Beautiful” Betty Cooper and spouse of Alice Cooper. He started as a good man, husband, and father, who always supported his family. He had a strong sense of justice and was the former owner of a local Riverdale newspaper ‘The Register.’ 

His character had many variations throughout the series. Hal became a “bad father” in front of everybody by forcing her daughter to abort, but when it came to the knowledge that Coopers are relatives of Blossoms everything settled down, and Hal was again a good man. But that’s not where it ended. To everybody’s surprise in Riverdale Season 2 finale he accepted that he is the serial killer “Angel of Death,” the Black Hood and was later revealed ( Season 3) to be conspiring with Penelope Blossom. Hal, Penelope, and Chic turn out to be the masterminds of The most suspicious game Gryphon & Gargoyles and the deaths of many players.  

8. Hiram Lodge

Hiram Lodge, portrayed by  Mark Consuelos, is the side antagonist of Riverdale Season 2. He is the father of the urban beauty Veronica Lodge and the husband of the hottest mom, Hermoine Lodge. He’s the business dad of the town of Riverdale. His works and association are famous among the underworld mafia. He is known to be ruthless towards his enemies and has stayed in prison for various reasons such as illegal practices of Lodge Industries. Hiram is a man of power and doesn’t bother who he crushes in his quest for power. Even though he is fierce, he is shown to be affectionate towards his Miha(his lovely daughter). As the story moves forward, it is revealed that his love for his daughter is not as strong as it appeared to be. Despite Veronica’s multiple efforts to stop her dad from spoiling the town, Hiram manages to disregard her trust and love numerous times. He conspires to put her daughter’s boyfriend behind bars and even manages to make the warden willing to kill Archie. Hiram turns out to be pure evil who can go to any extent for his greed and pride. We saw this nature at many instances from when he was ready to expose his own wife’s affair to when he lied to veronica about the whole ownership of Pop’s. Mr. Lodge is a pure businessman with only his benefits in interest.

7. Edgar Evernever

Edgar Evernever played by Chad Michael Murray, is the leader of the famous ‘The Farm’ from season 3. Seemingly sweet daddy on the face, he appears to be hiding a lot of secrets behind those doors of ‘The Farm.’ As Edgar was introduced his charisma soon started to pull everyone towards the farm. Edgar is Evelyn Everner’s father, and the bond he shares with her daughter seems to be very beautiful. He is always helpful to his daughter with everything. As we move forward in the story, the secrets behind the doors of the farm start to come to light. It was later revealed that the reason for which people are so into the farm is that Edgar could let them meet and talk to the deceased, which he did with the help of drugs. The so-called father-daughter bond between Evelyn and her dad all turns out to be a lie, as they both are married and have been portraying the former so that Evelyn could bring new members from the school. All along when we thought of the farm to be a place to heal people emotionally, it turns out to be an organization stealing organs for the black market. Edgar was a pretty great dad (or should I say, husband). 

6. Myles McCoy

Myles McCoy, portrayed by Resse Alexander, is the father of our Pussy Cats leader, Josie McCoy and the husband of the former Mayor of Riverdale. He is more of a guest character on the show since he doesn’t live in the town. Mr. McCoy is a professional Jazz player and wants to nurture Josie into becoming a music diva too. But McCoy’s oppressive and intolerant nature swayed him away from his daughter. This nature might be one of the reasons that he is not so popular in the town as compared to other dads.

5. Principal Weatherbee

Principal Weatherbee, portrayed by Peter Bryant, is not an actual dad but a “dad” character. Though his full-time job is the Principal of Riverdale High School, he is a tall, middle-aged, bald brown man. The principal has not revealed much of his personality. But he is always shown calm and composed, except for some circumstances. Such as in the Season 2 finale when he was outraged and effectively halted the fight between Bull Dogs led by Archie and Serpents led by Sweet Pea during the riot. He is brilliant and straightforward and frank towards his students and always wants to help them as much as he can.

4. Pop Tate

Pop Tate, portrayed by Alvin Sanders, is another “dad” character of Riverdale. He was the owner ( before the Lodge family) and is the current manager of the Pop’s Chock’ lit Shoppe, which is like the home kitchen of residents of Riverdale since everyone is there at sometime of the day. But that shows how famous Pop and his shop is. He is always energetic and happy, with customer’s interests in his heart. He works hard every day to make his customers happy. Little is unknown about Pop’s past, but it concludes that he had a struggling life since he shows Archie a way to scare Ghoulies which he has learned from riots over the years. Nevertheless, he is a great and lovable guy who anybody and everybody can see as a father figure.

3. Sheriff Keller

Tom Keller, portrayed by Martin Cummins, is the former Sheriff of Riverdale. He has shown to be the man of his words. Sheriff Keller has a strong sense of justice, plus Sheriff believes that everybody must get equal treatment. He has shown this quality throughout the series regarding the issue of his son being gay. Tom is always supportive of his son and his friends and does his best to serve the people of Riverdale. He is a man of robust and sturdy stature that makes him the perfect Sheriff for the show.

In Riverdale season 2 it was revealed that he is having an affair with the former mayor of Riverdale Sierra McCoy when Betty and Veronica saw him with her at a lounge. The incident does affect his son and Josie, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is a good guy and is one of the most popular dads of the show. Moreover, he is the only character who is more popular than his child.

2. Fred Andrews

Fred Andrews, portrayed by Luke Perry, is the father of Archibald “Archie” Andrews, who is the protagonist of the show. His wife is a professional lawyer and is residing currently in New York pursuing her passion. Even when he and his wife were not on good marital standings, they still respected each other, that showed us how good of a man he is.

His little “fling” with Hermoine Lodge showed us that he is a quite simple guy who can be easily persuaded by people, especially friends and family. He’s known to always dislike Hiram Lodge because of his double standards. Fred believes in being truthful and straightforward no matter the situation, and that is what he has ever tried to teach in Archie. He even helped save Archie’s life by helping him leave the town. He has always loved his son and has always been supportive of Archiekins. Mr. Andrews is with no doubt one of the top favorite dads of the show and my personal favorite along with FP.

1. FP Jones

Fp jones, hot man

I’ve been in and out of the Serpents since I was younger than my son, and it’s been a wild ride. Good times. Bad times. But through it all, the Serpents stuck by my side while most other people turned their backs on me, my own family included. Now, the letter of the law says that I can’t be here in the Serpent den, that I can’t associate with my friends, my real family, my blood. But I’ve been thinking about that, and it’ll be a cold day in hell before a snake lets a pig tell him what to do […] The Northside wants me out of this gang, well they better bring a coffin because FP Jones isn’t retiring. I am not going gently into the night. I am here to stay. So, bring the fire.

This dialogue always takes my breath away. It shows FP’s loyalty and sense of responsibility towards his people.

FP Jones, portrayed by Skeet Ulrich, is the most favorite and badass dad of Riverdale. A recurring character of Season 1 and a series regular from Season 2, FP is the father of our beloved Jughead Jones and Jellybean Jones. He is the leader of the southside gang named The Serpents. Serpents do not have much reputation among the northsiders of Riverdale. Due to many financial problems, FP got involved in various criminal activities in the past. In season 2 for the sake of Jughead, he decided to take the road to “fair earning” by being a waiter in Pop Tate’s Chock’ lit Shoppe. Even though he has left his criminal activities, he still holds a respectable position among the serpent members and is the acting leader. FP loves his son and has always been supportive of him and his friends. Later as the story moves forward, FP becomes the Sheriff of Riverdale and gives his best to serve justice in the town. He has always looked out for jug and his friends and is the best dad character portrayed in the series. Also, one of the hottest.

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