Disney + To Stream Star Wars: Visions Mega Project on September 22

Disney-owned Lucasfilms announced that Star Wars: Visions will be available to stream shortly. 

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The Star Wars: Visions anime is an anime anthology series of nine anime shorts, created by seven different studios.

Not only is it set to release real soon, but it’s made in collaboration with some of the greatest anime creators worldwide.

Star Wars: Visions will premiere on September 22 and will be available to stream on Disney +.

The anime will be featuring characters such as a legendary fallen Jedi, a powerful young princess, and an ambitious droid, among others.

Disney + To Stream Star Wars: Visions Mega Project on September 22
Jedi | Source: Fandom

Since Japanese samurai movies inspired Star Wars, it only makes sense if they embrace a Japanese form. 

In addition to this, a few weeks back, on August 17, Lucasfilms released a trailer teasing the anime. 

Star Wars: Visions | Original Trailer | Disney+

The trailer looks impressive, with some of the best animations I have ever seen. I love the fact that they have incorporated so many different styles of animations. I can’t wait to see how it comes together. 

All in all, the anime series looks to be an incredible watch; make sure to check this one out on September 22, when it’s released on Disney+.

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About Star Wars

Star Wars is a space opera franchise created by George Lucas. It all started off in 1977 with its very first film. The series has branched out into several media including tv series, video games, comics, and novels to name a few.

The film is focused on an era where humans co-existed with other species as well as robots. The original film covers the story of Luke Skywalker who is caught in the conflict between the Empire and Rebellion.

In 2021, the franchise released the Star Wars: Visions project which has an anthology of animated shorts from different Japanese anime studios.

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