Robert Downey Jr might come back to MCU

Robert Downey Junior may return to the MCU. The loss of Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame broke the hearts of millions of fans also signaled the end of Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe again. The arc of Iron Man predicted his death, and RDJ left the role after ten years of being Iron Man, paving the way for the future MCU.

But there are rumors about Robert Downey Jr. returning to the MCU. The soon-to-be-launched streaming service Disney+ will allow Disney and Marvel to explore more characters and stories. Disney is reportedly working on Ironheart series – a teenage girl who continues Stark’s legacy into the future.

There is talk that Robert will return in a voice role, as his character will be an Artificial Intelligence program. Just like Paul Bettany was Jarvis to Tony Stark. For his part, Downey Jr appeared at a gala with Ironheart comic book writer Eve Ewing earlier this year, where he voiced his support for Ironheart becoming Iron Man’s replacement in the MCU.

Ewing said: “The real story here is that @RobertDowneyJr said publicly in a room full of people that #Ironheart should be in the MCU.”

Will IronHeart Replace IronMan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Riri Williams aka IronHeart, became Iron Man in the comics when Iron Man went into a coma following Civil War 2 with Captain Marvel. Riri took care of Iron Man’s legacy and even used the Iron Man AI. AI helped her create even a better suit which led to crazy adventures in her own arc. The question is how Disney will introduce this new character into the MCU and how Ironheart will follow up to the Stark legacy?

We don’t know how fans will react to Iron Man returning as an AI and murmurs are already going about which don’t sound too happy about this moneymaking Disney move. 


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