Netflix Adds 2011 X-Men And Wolverine Anime For Marvel Fans To Binge Watch

Love superheroes and missing a bit of Marvel action in your life? Well fret not! Netflix is here to save the day. Netflix is adding new shows each day and this time it’s X-Men and Wolverine from your favorite Marvel Universe.

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Netflix recently added the X-Men and Wolverine TV anime series to its streaming platform for the fans. The two series are 2011 anime produced by Madhouse Studios.

These two titles are part of a four-parted joint collaboration between Studio Madhouse and Marvel Comics back in 2010. The first title was Iron Man in 2010 followed by Blade, Wolverine and X-Men in 2011.

We all know the story of X-men and how Professor Xavier created the said group. This time the anime takes the X-Men to Japan to investigate kidnappings of young mutants as instructed by their Professor. Follow as the gang discovers the truth and fights evil.

Wolverine the anime features a brand new story in which Logan aka Wolverine tries to rescue his one true love from the clutches of her mafia father who is eager to marry her off.

Both series are 12 episodes long and have both Japanese/English dubbed and subbed as the preferred language options.

Wolverine and X-Men are part of the vast Marvel Universe and fans will hopefully see a new story being unfolded in the two anime.

About Marvel Anime

Marvel Anime is a four part collaboration of Marvel Entertainment with Japanese animation studio Madhouse back in 2010.

It featured four 12 episodes anime series- Iron Man, X-Men, Blade and Wolverine.

With Iron-Man released in 1st October 2010, Blade, X-Men and Wolverine were released in 2011 and premiered in Animax TV Channel.

Each of the series, guided by writer Warren Ellis, largely focused on Japan as the storyline backdrop.

Each series was later subbed and dubbed into English and now Netflix is featuring the Wolverine and X-Men series in their platform for the fans.

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