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My Hero Academia Fillers: Are They Worth Watching?

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular Shonen series these days. The brainchild of Kohei Horikoshi has quickly made its presence felt worldwide and has garnered the love of its fans to be a league of its own.

This series has succeeded in twisting the age-old precept of heroes doing everything they can, even sacrificing themselves, to preserve humanity, in a complete anime style.

From the brilliant and heart-touching storyline to beautifully detailed animation, everything about the anime is top-notch!

The series is running its fifth season, with a total of 107 episodes aired so far. My Hero Academia is the ideal shonen anime, with everything excelling from action to comedy and intricately woven diegesis.

Since we are talking about the fillers, My Hero Academia anime has kept its filler counts minimum. As of episode 107, only 7 episodes are confirmed filler episodes, making them only 7% of all episodes.

In the case of My Hero Academia, fillers fulfill a variety of roles. Special Episode: Save the World with Love! is an episode that is purely set for the movie, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.

Any episode that is not taken or adapted from the original manga can be considered a filler episode, be it the actual filler, the partial filler, or the anime canon episode.

Fillers can be fun too! However, fun is subjective, and hence, some of you may prefer to skip these episodes altogether. You can skip fillers if you want because these are just side stories to the main plot!

1. Quick List –  

  • Manga Canon Episodes: 1-31, 33-38, 40-54, 56-57, 59-63, 65-88, 90-103, 105-107
  • Filler Episodes: 32, 39, 55,58, 64, 89, 104
My Hero Academia Fillers: Are They Worth Watching?
My Hero Academia | Source: Twitter

2. Filler List

  1. Fillers (These episodes are the extras made to give the manga time to catch up to the anime)
Episode No.TitleAir DateWatch Link
39Game Start2018-04-07Crunchyroll
58Special Episode: Save the World with Love!2018-08-25Crunchyroll
64The Scoop on U.A Class 1-A2019-10-12Crunchyroll
104Long Time No See, Selkie2021-07-17Crunchyroll

2. Anime Canon Episode (These episodes are not adapted from the original manga and are solely made for the anime series and has been authorized by the mangaka)

Episode No.TitleAir DateWatch Link
32Everyone’s Internship2017-08-12Crunchyroll

3. Partial Canon Episodes (These filler episodes are canon events that had few panels in the manga but later got expanded in the anime series)

Episode No.TitleAir DateWatch Link
55Class 1-A2018-08-04Crunchyroll
89All Hands on Deck! Class1-A 2021-03-27Crunchyroll

3. Where to Watch My Hero Academia

Watch My Hero Academia on:

4. Which fillers can you skip?

My Hero Academia has non-eventful fillers and are there for mostly comic relief. Hence, you can skip the following episodes.

My Hero Academia - Official Trailer 1
My Hero Academia – Official Trailer 1
  • Everyone’s Internships (Episode 32)
  • Game Start (Episode 39)
  • Special Episode: Save the World with Love! (Episode 58)
  • The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A (Episode 64)

5. Conclusion

My Hero Academia is currently the most buzzing anime and rightfully so. There aren’t many fillers and if I have to say anything about the fillers is that they are entertaining in their own way.

Watching fillers is as personal as the anime that you are watching and since My Hero Academia has fewer than ten filler episodes, it is barely a scratch to your personal time.

6. About Latest Episode 107, “More Of A Hero Than Anyone”

Episode 107 is the current episode of season 5, and to say it to be one of the best episodes made so far in this season would be an understatement.

The episode starts in happy colors with students ready to account for their winter internship, but it suddenly makes a dark tonal shift when Eraser Head and Present mic was called to interrogate Kurogiri.

My Hero Academia Fillers: Are They Worth Watching?
Kurogiri | Source: Fandom

Episode 107 unfolds a dark past about Eraser Head and Present Mic, and if anybody is a fan of Eraser Head’s stoicness and Mic’s loud nature, they are sure to be left emotional.

The episode seeps into the flashback of Eraser Head and Present Mic revealing a new character who has never been seen before this episode. The build up doesn’t disappoint as it makes you care about a brand-new character.

It will put you on edge with many questions soaring in your brain about the actual plan of All For One. Will the heroes succeed in time in knowing the real intent of the never-ending scheme of villains? 

7. About My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a Japanese superhero manga series written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. It has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since July 2014, with its chapters additionally collected in 24 tankōbon volumes as of August 2019.

It follows a quirkless boy Izuku Midoriya and how he backed the greatest Hero alive. Midoriya, a boy who has been admiring heroes and their ventures since the day he was born, came into this world without a quirk.

On one fateful day, he meets All Might the greatest Hero of all time and discovers that he was quirkless as well. With his diligent attitude and unwavering spirit about being a hero, Midoriya manages to impress All Might. He is chosen to be the heir to the power of One for All.

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