Junichi Yamakawa’s Gay Manga ‘Kuso Miso Technique’ Gets OVA Adaptation!

Anime can be inspired by a lot of different sources, from one-shots and manga to even something live-action. Now the yaoi genre is not something avid manga readers would be unfamiliar with. Countless manga and anime dabble with this concept.

However, taking inspiration from an 80s one-shot that has an absurd and outrageous story, that does sound like the rarest among rare occurrences.

On Saturday, an official website for Junichi Yamakawa’s Kuso Miso Technique was launched, announcing its ‘first anime adaptation’ for this year. The OVA will be titled ‘Shin Yaranai ka’.

[Shouldn’t you do it?] The official animation of the legendary comic “Kusomiso Technique” has been decided!

The video gives the first look at how the main characters Masaki Michishita and Takakazu Abe will look like. Both characters seem to retain their design from the Kuso Miso Technique manga.

Although the dialogues in the trailer suggest otherwise, Anime Tokyo is producing the OVA as a medium-length title for all ages. It will expand from the one-shot, taking elements from Yamakawa’s other works and original content.

Junichi Yamakawa's Gay Manga Kuso Miso Technique Gets OVA Adaptation!
Key Visual for the Shin Yaranai ka OVA | Source: Comic Natalie

The staff plans to organize a crowdfunding event for production in the summer. Yoshiro Sasaki (pseudonym of Pierre Ito) is directing the anime at Studio Kingyoiro.

He will voice Takakazu Abe with Sorate (who just graduated high school) voicing Masaki. Ikansoku will write the script.

Overall, it looks like a personal project or an independent project. From what the readers tell about it, it does not sound exciting at all. But considering they intend to bring a larger audience and its popularity in pop culture, I wonder how they will create a story out of it.

About Shin Yaranai ka (Kuso Miso Technique)

Shin Yaranai ka is an original video animation based on Junichi Yamakawa’s gay manga ‘Kuso Miso Technique’ published in 1987 in Bara-Komi Magazine.

Masaki Michishita, a prep-school student rushes to a restroom in a public park where he catches sight of a mechanic Takakazu Abe on a bench. Abe asks him “Yaranai ka?” (Shall we do it?) and the erotic adventure begins.

While the manga fell into obscurity, it resurfaced in the 2000s as an internet meme. Likes like “Yaranai ka?” and panels from the manga became widely popular among forums and the gay community.

Source: Official Website, Comic Natalie

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