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Joker’s Final Trailer Is Out

The final trailer of Joker is out. DC released the Joker trailer on Aug 28 this creepy trailer is getting some wild reactions from fans and critics alike.

The trailer is incredibly well produced and there is a darkness to it that one cannot describe as an undertone, just like the Joker himself I suppose.
Director Todd Philips says that Joker centers around the iconic arch-nemesis of Batman and is an original, standalone fictional story never seen before on the big screen.

Arthur Fleck, played by Joaquin Phoenix, is a part of Gotham’s fractured society, striving to find his place in a city riddled with inequality and selfishness. A clown-for- hire by the day, he aspires to be a standup comic at night but fails miserably, and the joke is always on him. Caught in a cruel society, Arthur makes one wrong decision that sets off a chain reaction, leading to him becoming the Joker.

JOKER - Final Trailer

Arthur, who devotes time to caring for his mother, also seeks out a father figure he never had and looks at everyone from businessmen including Thomas Wayne to TV host Murray Franklin. Zazie Beetz as Sophie Dumond also features in the trailer and will be playing Arthur’s love interest.

About the Movie

The Joker movie is a standalone movie and will not share the Main DCEU continuity. The movie has landed an R-Rating for violence, sexual content, and disturbing behavior so expect a dark film that certainly won’t be child-friendly. It will first premiere at the Venice Film Festival on Aug 31, 2019, and Warner Bros. will be releasing it theatrically on Oct 4, 2019.

The exciting thing is that the special guest screening of the movie got overwhelmingly positive reviews. Some are predicting it will directly go to the Oscars and will be the next big hit for DC and Warner Bros.

The trailer is both intimidating and overwhelming and there are some high expectations riding on Joaquin Phoenix.

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