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How To Watch K Anime Series? Easy Watch Order Guide

K is an anime that is a combination of action, superpower, and supernatural elements. It relies heavily on its beautiful visuals and versatile soundtrack for story-telling. The story has a lot of clichés but is unique in the execution

How To Watch The K Series?
K | Source: Pinterest

K has two seasons of TV series and seven moviesof which are classified under K: Seven Stories

For people who love stunning animation more than anything, K is the perfect watch!

1. Release Order

I. TV Series

  • Season 1: K
  • Season 2: K: Return of Kings
Official K English Trailer
K | Official Trailer

II. Movies

  • K: Missing Kings
  • K: Seven Stories
    • R:B
    • Side: Blue 
    • Side: Green 
    • Lost Small World
    • Memory of Red 
    • Circle Vision 

2. Chronological Order

  • Lost Small World (Movie)
  • R:B (Movie)
  • Side: Blue (Movie)
  • Side: Green (Movie)
  • Memories of Red (Movie)
  • K
  • K: Missing Kings (Movie)
  • K: Return of Kings
  • Circle Vision (Movie)

3. Conclusion 

For first-time viewers of K, the recommended order is its release order. The movies don’t really have a lot of important plot-related info, and hence, the chronological order would get confusing and boring

For viewers willing to re-watch, the K series should follow the chronological order. The chronological order does not offer anything new per se, but it does present the K series in a more sequential form

4. Quick Review 

The enjoyment quotient of K excessively depends on your personal preferences and on how much anime content you’ve generally consumed. 

The best thing about K is its aesthetically detailed animation and the soundtrack that goes with it. 

How To Watch The K Series?
K | Source: Netflix

The story has many characters with many flaws. While flawed characters make the story more intriguing and relatable, their development either seems rushed or weak. The pacing throughout the series is a bit inconsistent and sometimes makes the plot a bit dull. The only force that drives the series forward during dull moments is its animation

If you just started watching anime, it is highly likely that you’ll enjoy K. On the other hand, if you’ve already watched anime that explores similar genres, chances are you might not enjoy K as much.  

5. About the K Series 

K was released in 2012, created by GoHands and GorA, and directed by Shingo Suzuki. 

The story follows Yashiro Isana, an ordinary high school student, who suddenly gets involved in suspicion for the homicide of an important individual, the Red Clansman. Kurou Yatogami, the “Black Dog” of the Red Clan and a skilled swordsman, undertakes a manhunt in order to kill the accused. Yashiro must prove his innocence, but the world around him starts crumbling as he starts losing his memories, and his friends start doubting him. 

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