Horikoshi Confirms My Hero Academia Isn’t Ending Anytime Soon

With chapter 424 of My Hero Academia titled “Epilogue,” fans were convinced that the story would soon end after a few chapters. With the final battle over, all there is left is the post-war conclusion, which usually isn’t much, and a lot of times, the conclusion seems rushed and hasty.

Fortunately, Horikoshi has chosen to extend the series, disregarding the rumors of its imminent end. He plans to conclude the beloved manga with a substantial epilogue, promising a detailed exploration of the war’s aftermath and its consequences. This decision not only provides fans with more content but also demonstrates the author’s commitment to fully addressing the plot points established over the years.

In a reassuring author’s note at the end of chapter 424, Horikoshi confirmed that the chapter marked the end of Deku’s fight against All For One and set the stage for the manga’s epilogue. This ensures fans that there is still much left to look forward to before the manga concludes.

Writing conventions say that the conclusion of a story should be short, but this is not the type of manga that can immediately end after the fighting is over. I’ll keep going for a little while longer. We’re going back to the title


As you can see, neither the artist nor the fans are ready to part ways with My Hero Academia just yet. The decision to have an extended epilogue means that Horikoshi likely wants to address all the plot points he established in his story over the years and handle them individually. This is a great decision on his part as it not only gives fans more My Hero Academia content, but it also opens up exciting possibilities for character development, ensuring that all the characters that the author created are treated properly.

In the manga’s most recent update, the chapter addressed Deku and Bakugou as a pair of great heroes, acknowledged by their own idol, All Might, which could have counted for a fitting ending. However, too many things need to be addressed, and many other plot threads need tying up.

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My Hero Academia will continue, and the narrative will shift back to the academia part of the series, as hinted in the last panel of the chapter. Our heroes are poised to return to school, possibly for their second year. In the upcoming weeks, Horikoshi may unveil a new normal for Deku and everyone at U.A. with an extended epilogue, potentially focusing more on slice-of-life elements and less on trauma. This shift in tone should give fans hope for a lighter, more enjoyable continuation of the series.

Hopefully, the conclusion of My Hero Academia will be exciting enough for the fans to feel content with the ending.

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