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Dr Stone English Dub Cast Revealed Updated

Otakus! Dr Stone is finally here! With 9 episodes already out, the fan base is expected to see huge growth over the 24 episode season. Taking this as a chance to reach a varied audience, Funimation has announced the English Dub cast of Dr Stone. They even decided to premiere a special episode for its Simulcast. Let us take a quick look at the plot.

Dub Cast Revealed

Recently, the official Twitter account of Funimation shared the news that the English dub cast of Dr Stone is going to be revealed with the new release of the special episode. This episode is going to be the first Simulcast episode of the franchise.

Here is the official news-

According to Funimation- “Aaron Dismuke is leading the charge to rebuild civilization as Senku, and he’s joined by Ricco Fajardo as Taiju and Brittany Lauda as Yuzuriha.”

Dr Stone Plot

Dr Stone is one of the most anticipated anime series out there. The Dr Stone trailer shows a world where every human turns into stone. After 3700 years, protagonist Senku has a mission to bring every human back to the original form using science. Senku is fascinated by science and is working hard to rebuild civilization using scientific techniques. With the help of his mates (Taiju and Tsukasa), he is going to rebuild civilisation as he has envisioned. Manga readers claim that Senku is an antagonist in the Dr Stone world.  

So, what do you think, will Senku achieve his goal of restoring civilisation? Let us know in the comment section.

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