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Is ‘‘Spice and Wolf’’ finished? How does it end?

A new ‘Spice and Wolf’ announcement currently has the internet in a tizzy. A promotional video was released to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the series, and it looks like the ‘Spice and Wolf’ anime is either getting a season 3, or a brand-new remake. It’s been over a decade since […]

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How Old Is Holo In ‘Spice And Wolf’? When Does She Share A Kiss With Lawrence?

Spice and Wolf is a criminally underrated romance anime that deserves all the love in the world for weaving in a beautifully nuanced relationship with the intricacies of medieval economics. With Lawrence’s perfect mercantile […]

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Spice and Wolf VR 2 Game Launching On Nintendo From 10th December

VR Games are taking the gaming community by storm, and new games with cute intractable characters and visually appealing in-game worlds are launching every other day. To keep up with this popular trend, the anime community is also investing in some epic VR games. One such […]