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Josh & Donna’s Complete West Wing Relationship Timeline Explained?

The West Wing’s Josh Lyman and Donna Moss have one of TV history’s most iconic and beloved relationships. Over the show’s seven seasons, viewers watched their relationship evolve from boss and assistant into best friends and soulmates. Though romantic tension was always present, their journey […]

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Is ‘‘Spice and Wolf’’ finished? How does it end?

A new ‘Spice and Wolf’ announcement currently has the internet in a tizzy. A promotional video was released to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the series, and it looks like the ‘Spice and Wolf’ anime is either getting a season 3, or a brand-new remake. It’s been over a decade since […]

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How Old Is Holo In ‘Spice And Wolf’? When Does She Share A Kiss With Lawrence?

Spice and Wolf is a criminally underrated romance anime that deserves all the love in the world for weaving in a beautifully nuanced relationship with the intricacies of medieval economics. With Lawrence’s perfect mercantile […]