Netflix News The Tourist TV Series

Jamie Dornan’s ‘The Tourist’ Survives Cancellation and Becomes a Netflix Hit

Jamie Dornan’s drama series, The Tourist, finds a new audience on Netflix’s global charts. The series was on the verge of cancellation before Netflix took it up. The Tourist season 2 is set to hit Netflix on February 29. The BBC One series The Tourist focuses on a man who loses his memory and has[…]

Anime Netflix News Yu-Gi-Oh!

 “KONAMI Digital” Leaps into Anime Realm with ‘Yu-Gi-Oh! The Chronicles

The anime industry is no stranger to new studios popping up daily, all vying to bring audiences the best in entertainment. And now, another studio has joined the party, ready to dazzle fans with their unique offerings. Recently, Konami Digital Entertainment has taken a significant step in the[…]

Marvel Netflix News

Marvel Calls Madame Web’s Powers ‘Obnoxiously Vague’ Before Her Movie Debut

Marvel has called out Madame Web’s ‘obnoxiously vague’ powers just before her live-action debut. Madame Web has been a regular in the Spiderverse for years, and she will jump into the live-action scenario as part of Sony’s ‘Spider-Verse series. In Spider-Woman #1, Madame Web uses her powers to mon[…]

Alexander: The Making of a God Netflix News TV Series

A Complete Cast and Character Guide to Alexander: The Making of a God

The Netflix docuseries Alexander: The Making of a God comprises a stellar cast featuring people from all parts of the world. The show’s international star cast adds to the historical authenticity and makes the reenactments more impactful. The historical docuseries is based on facts, with reenactm[…]

Anime Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Netflix News

Second Half of ‘Mushoku Tensei’ Season 2 All Set for April 2024 Release

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, the anime that has dominated the isekai genre since its release in January 2021, has become a sensation. While Season 1 was a hit, Season 2 was even better. As Season 2 was about to end in September 2023, the franchise announced that the show would air for[…]

Griselda Netflix News TV Series

The Fate of Jorge Rivi Ayala: How Griselda’s Hitman Ended Up Behind Bars

Jorge “Rivi” Ayala is introduced as the Columbian female drug lord Griselda Blanco’s right-hand man in the Netflix thriller, Griselda. He was initially working for another drug lord but joined Griselda halfway through the series. Rivi was more willing to go as far as possible for Griselda than he[…]

Blog Netflix Tale Of The Nine Tailed TV Series

Tale of the Nine-Tailed Ending: Does the Show Get a Satisfying Ending?

There we have it, ladies and gentlemen, foxes and snakes, deities and humans; we have reached the end of this journey into the supernatural world of the nine-tailed fox. It’s been a journey filled with joy, suspense, and fright. It’s been a journey of love, familial, spiritual, and romantic. But[…]

Blog Goblin Slayer Netflix TV Series

Goblin Slayer Season 2 Ending Explained

If you’re into anime like Demon Slayer and Re: Zero, you’ll love Goblin Slayer, as its dark themes with a fantasy backdrop are bound to get you hooked. Since Season 2 dropped at the end of 2023, the fandom’s flame has been ignited, especially as the storyline gets more riveting. However, some of you[…]

Griselda Netflix News TV Series

The Story of Griselda Blanco’s Four Sons and What Happens to Them Explained

The latest crime-thriller mini-series on Netflix, Griselda, is based on a Columbian businesswoman and criminal mastermind, Griselda Blanco. Blanco is known to have created one of the most ambitious and financially successful cartels in history. Besides being a criminal mastermind, Griselda was al[…]

Leo Movies Netflix News

Adam Sandler’s ‘Leo’ is Finally Getting a Sequel, According to Netflix’s Co-CEO

Netflix has just confirmed a sequel to Adam Sandler’s animated comedy Leo. Directed by David Wachtenheim, Robert Smigel, and Robert Marianetti, the movie follows the titular pet lizard who suffers from an intense existential crisis and dreams of a world outside his classroom. Adam Sandler voices […]

Cowboys & Aliens Netflix News TV Series

Cowboys & Aliens Ending Explained: Sacrifice & Forgiveness

Cowboys & Aliens follows a criminal, Jake Lonergan, who awakens with no memories and a weird bracelet around his wrist. From the beginning, it is evident that Jake has done some unspeakable things in life, and many people want to see him jailed. However, when aliens begin killing the people of th[…]

Manga Netflix Zom 100

Zom 100 Chapter 63: Release Date, Speculations, Watch Online

Akira meets Hirotaka Ukaji and learns about his space missions in chapter 62 of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, titled “Outer Space of the Dead.” The manga went in a new direction in this chapter, introducing the CEO of space development company Star Wrestler Inc. It was both an entertaining[…]