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Kawaki Vs. Code: An Enthralling Confrontation Awaits in Boruto Chapter 62

The latest Boruto chapter 61 has everyone on their toes for new developments in the story. The fact that Kawaki is reckless and planning to face Code alone doesn’t help it either.

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Not long ago, Konoha lost one of their most remarkable assets and ally, Kurama, due to Naruto going into Baryon Mode that required the sacrifice of the tailed beast. 

With him gone and the impending doom of Code, who’s now entrusted with Isshiki Otsutsuki’s will, only time will tell the fate of our protagonists and the village.

Chapter 61 foreshadows a dramatic face-off between Kawaki and Code. The latter has always been jealous of Kawaki being chosen for being Isshiki’s vessel. 

With an enormous amount of power and some powerful allies like Eida and Daemon, Code has now become a formidable foe.

Chapter 62 of Boruto is scheduled for September 20, 2021, almost a month from now. We’ll be stuck on a cliffhanger till then, anticipating the outcome of the former rivals’ not-so-happy reunion.

Considering the facts, this might not turn out to be a battle where both go all-out on each other. Instead, it would be more of a confrontation, and Boruto or Naruto might intervene between the two.

Most likely Naruto will be the one to interfere as Kawaki won’t listen to Boruto and be persuaded to retreat. But at the same time, if Naruto goes out there Code will kill him in an instant and easily without Kurama’s power.

We’re really in a tricky situation right here.

Gone are those days when Konoha’s primary concerns were the tailed beasts and the Uchiha. The level of power and danger the Otsutsuki now poses is far more than the power of a bijuu or the Sharingan.

These are trying times when the village and its shinobi are pushed to the edge to keep everyone safe. What more is that their best bets, Kawaki and Amado, against the upcoming dangers are not that trusted by the folks yet.

Honestly, it would be tough to wait for the upcoming chapter as there is so much to unpack. What will happen to Kawaki? Will he even meet Code, or will Boruto stop him before he does something crazy?

It’s a lot of waiting, but this too shall pass.

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