A Confrontation Awaits in New Chapter

By Epic Dope Staff | August 20, 2021

The latest Boruto chapter 61 has everyone on their toes for new developments in the story. The fact that Kawaki is reckless and planning to face Code alone doesn’t help it either.

Chapter 61 foreshadows a dramatic face-off between Kawaki and Code. The latter has always been jealous of Kawaki being chosen for being Isshiki’s vessel.

With an enormous amount of power and some powerful allies like Eida and Daemon, Code has now become a formidable foe.

Chapter 62 of Boruto is scheduled for September 20, 2021, almost a month from now.

Gone are those days when Konoha’s primary concerns were the tailed beasts and the Uchiha.

Honestly, it would be tough to wait for the upcoming chapter as there is so much to unpack. It’s a lot of waiting, but this too shall pass.