A Certain Magical/ Scientific Series Anime Watch Order

How to Watch A Certain Magical/ Scientific Series anime? Easy Watch Order Guide

When discussing the topic of science vs. religion concerning A Certain Magical/Scientific Series, it is quite crucial to consider the events occurring in both the magical and the scientific realm. A Certain Scientific Railgun contributes to the scientific, which is quite clear from its name.

While both A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun belong to the same universe, they focus on different aspects of the same world and revolve around different characters

 A Certain Scientific Railgun is a spin-off to the original, which takes place in the same timeline. Nonetheless, the animation is beautiful, and all the characters are quirky, making the series amazingly unique in its own way.

1. When to Watch

A Certain Scientific Railgun - The Complete Series - English Trailer [HD]
A Certain Scientific Railgun Trailer

Unlike most anime, this particular spin-off is sort of interlinked with the main series and can be watched alongside the main anime. For a better idea of the chronology, click the link below.

If following the chronological order feels like too much work and you prefer watching the whole series in one go, it is recommended that you actually watch it before moving on to the main anime, i.e., A Certain Magical Index.

2. Release Order

  • A Certain Scientific Railgun (2009–10)
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun S (2013)
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun T (2020)

3. Other Media

  • MMR: Much More Railgun (2010)
  • MMR II: Much More Railgun II (2010)
  • MMR III: Much More Railgun III (2013)
  • MMR IV: Much More Railgun IV (2013)

4. Conclusion

A Certain Scientific Railgun is basically like a supplement to the main anime, A Certain Magical Index. Much like food, you can treat it as an appetizer before having the main dish, complementing the latter and making it more satisfying; or as a side dish to relish along with the main course. In the end, it really depends upon your personal preference.

A Certain Scientific Accelerator: How and When to Watch?

5. About A Certain Scientific Railgun

A Certain Scientific Railgun is a Japanese manga series written by Kazuma Kamachi and illustrated by Motoi Fuyukawa, which began serialization in the April 2007 issue of ASCII Media Works’ Dengeki Daioh magazine.

The manga is a spin-off of Kamachi’s A Certain Magical Index light novel series, taking place before and during the events of that series.

The events of the series take place in a futuristic world full of students, many of whom are espers with unique powers. The protagonist, Mikoto Misaka, is a high-level electro master esper. The story revolves around Mikoto’s adventures and her friends: Kuroko Shirai, Kazari Uiharu, Ruiko Saten.

Originally Written By Epic Dope

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