Yuno: Lost Prince of The Spade Kingdom Soon to Become the King?

Black Cover’s chapter 233, ‘Destiny Begins to Stir,’ revealed secrets that may or may not change the whole plotline. Like it or not, Yuno sky-rocketed himself. These updates have blown my mind.

Yuno took his ‘Ouji-sama’ image quite literally. He turned out to be the sole remaining heir to the royal throne of Spade Kingdom.

We had a lot of fan theories about Yuno’s real identity. From the odds of Yuno and Asta being twins to Yuno being a spirit- child. We have come to our conclusion. Some fans did expect Yuno to be a child of noble or royal lineage, but they never expected him to be Spade Kingdom’s prince.

Now, if the tyrannical Zogratis siblings were to be defeated, who will reign the Spade Kingdom? As the heir, Yuno bears the responsibility to govern, but can he do that? Will Yuno become the Spade King?

No, I do not believe Yuno will become the Spade King. If he were to become the King, he would be out of the story. Still, you can’t tell what Tabata is planning! If not Yuno, then who will take over this position. Let’s see some possibilities of what could happen!

Note the following theories are just speculations. Nothing of the sort is confirmed yet.

1. Yuno, the Next King of Spade Kingdom?

Ⅰ. The Tragic Past.

Firstly we need to get back into the past to know what happened and why Yuno is the remaining heir.

Chapter 233 introduces us to an unknown man who’s resting in the church of Hage village. After seeing Yuno in person, this mysterious man says, and I quote, “It’s like I’m seeing Master Ciel himself!” he then proceeds to call Yuno ‘master’.

Yuno: The lost prince of the Spade Kingdom
Yuno | Source: Fandom

Remember the necklace that Yuno always wears; it’s not just an ancient artifact. The late king gave the magic stone to his child (Yuno) as an amulet.

The mystery man named Ralph shows Yuno his past through his magic. The Spade kingdom was initially a peaceful country. However, it was the silence before the storm arrived; the Dark Triad committed treason against the royal Grinbellior family.

The Zogratis siblings overpowered the royals and annihilated them. Ralph’s father escaped with baby Yuno and sacrificed himself after sending him to the Hage village’s church.

Ⅱ. Will Yuno Become the King?

It is doubtful if Yuno will become the King. After learning the truth, not once has he referred to himself as a prince. The boy sure will have an identity crisis once he meets the Spade citizens.

He identifies himself as a Magic Knight.  Asta and Yuno’s promise to become the Wizard King has more power over Yuno’s heart. There are chances he might take over this position if Asta were to become the Wizard King.

Yuno: The lost prince of the Spade Kingdom
Yuno | Source: Fandom

Due to Yuno’s dependable temperament, he won’t be able to leave people in need alone. He might as well become the King.

If Yuno were to become the Spade King and Asta to be the Wizard king, this could be an excellent way to end the show. Only Tabata knows the future!

2. If Not Yuno, Then Who Will Reign the Spade Kingdom?

I. Possibilities of A sibling

Yuno is a direct line inheritor. However, in chapter 233, Ralph mentioned the Dark Triad exiled the Grinbellar family.

Does that mean there are surviving members? Are they underground or not aware of their status, just like Yuno?

If this theory is correct, then the possible existence of a sibling can resolve the inheritance issue.

II. The Resistance Group

Throughout Yuno’s life, he has been a Clover citizen. Clover kingdom is where he made friends and formed bonds. Since he has no prior knowledge of being a royal or handling a country (especially an unfamiliar country), he might not become a good king unless he’s trained to be one.

Yuno: The lost prince of the Spade Kingdom
Resistance Group | Source: Fandom

The Resistance Group is battling against the Dark Triad. The group has several capable people who know more about their country’s affairs, making them a deserving candidate for the throne.

3. Will Yuno Become the Wizard King?

Everything makes sense now that the truth is out. Yuno being the chosen one, his large mana reserve and natural talent. If you didn’t know, Royals are naturally good at magic and have an enormous amount of magic powers.

Yuno is a hidden gem; not only does he acquire a four-leaf clover grimoire, but Sylph, the wind spirit, is also his partner.

Yuno has the potential to become the Wizard King. His innate talent and determination to grow stronger make him a deserving candidate. For now, both Asta and Yuno have not reached the point to carry the responsibility of a large kingdom.

Yuno: The lost prince of the Spade Kingdom
Asta | Source: Fandom

No matter who becomes the Wizard King, we will have an epic fight scene between Asta and Yuno.

4. About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. Since February 2015, it has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine.

It follows young Asta’s story, a boy born without any magic power whose ambition is to become the Wizard king.


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