Directorial Debut Film, ‘A New Dawn’ to Premiere in 2025

Production companies Asmik Ace (Library Wars) and Miyu Productions(Ghost Cat Anzu) announced an original theatrical anime movie titled’ A New Dawn’. Selected for the 77th Cannes Film Festival 2024, the Japanese-French co-produced film will be presented at the Annecy Animation Showcase on May 19 and is scheduled to premiere in Japan in 2025.

A New Dawn is the directional debut of Yoshitoshi Shinomiya, known for their work on films such as Your Name and The Garden of Works. Shinomiya, who has also worked on the official visuals for Pokemon, writes and directs the film based on their original work.

The story of A New Dawn revolves around Taitou Fireworks, a fireworks factory that has been in danger of seizure and eviction from its home for 330 years. The plot focuses on three young people connected to this factory who face danger when they encounter Shuhari, a legendary “phantom fireworks shop.”

a new dawn
A New Dawn | Source: Official Twitter

Shinomiya’s debut work involves several famous and incredible artists. Heavenly Delusion’s character design developer, Utsushita, is also designing characters for A New Dawn. Hasunuma, popular for their composed tracks for live-action films, is also providing music for the film. Majima, the background artist of popular works such as Your Name, Suzume, and A Garden Of Words, is on the animation staff.

Shinomiya will discuss the film at the Annecy Animation Showcase at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, “Marche Du Film,” from May 14 to 25. A New Dawn will be released sometime in 2025. However, official release dates have yet to be confirmed.

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