Is Baby Reindeer Season 2 Happening?

If you’re anything like us, you probably haven’t been able to stop thinking about Baby Reindeer. (If you haven’t already seen it, it’s worth canceling your plans.) 

The show is based on creator Richard Gadd’s real-life experience, but it’s not just a classic stalker-victim show. Instead, it explores the intricacies of why the stalking occurs, particularly through a mental health lens (again, if you haven’t already watched it, we implore you to).

Will there be a Baby Reindeer season 2?

With the hearts and minds of the world enthralled by Baby Reindeer, it is understandable why many may expect Netflix to capitalize on the success and commission a second season.

However, this story and its true-to-life nature mean that there is only so much to say, with the intention for Baby Reindeer to be a limited series always clear. That being said, no one could have expected quite the triumph it has quickly become, with Netflix and creator Richard Gadd not commenting on the possibility of a second outing.

Baby Reindeer Season 2
Richard Gadd in Baby Reindeer? | Source: IMDb

Is Richard Gadd making a new TV Show? What is it about?

Following the success of Baby Reindeer, Richard Gadd is already developing a new television series Lions, commissioned by the BBC (through the BBC).

The show will have six episodes that follow the relationship between the two men.

According to the official summary, Lyons will start by attending the wedding of Niall’s roommate brother, Ruben. This reunion of the two will create a series of riots that will take the audience to the beginning of their journey. Next, the show will cover all the ups and downs they experienced when they first met in the 1980s.

As the show’s plot suggests, it will be nothing like Baby Reindeer. However, since Richard Gadd is writing the series and will seemingly be as character-driven as Baby Reindeer, audiences can be rest assured that it will have Gadd’s brand of humor and clever twists.

Although many factors contributed to Baby Reindeer’s success, the show primarily works because of its brilliant character beats. Lions, too, will likely reel viewers in with its well-written characters and their complex dynamic.

Since the BBC is already touting it as a “highly original” drama, Lions will likely be as novel and exciting as Baby Reindeer.

Why There Can’t Be A Baby Reindeer Season 2?

Netflix’s miniseries “Baby Reindeer” is unlikely to receive a second-season renewal despite its critical acclaim and strong performance. The reasoning behind this assertion is that the first season provided a well-rounded conclusion to the storyline involving the characters Donny and Martha, leaving little room for further exploration.

While some limited series have been renewed for additional seasons after initial success, “Baby Reindeer” was conceived as a self-contained narrative, with the closing moments indicating that the protagonist, Donny, is on a path toward healing and resolution consequently.

Despite the show’s widespread praise and viewership, a renewal for another season seems highly improbable from a storytelling perspective.

“Baby Reindeer” has achieved a satisfying narrative closure, making it less likely that the creators would opt to continue the series despite its popularity and critical acclaim.

Although the Netflix show brings Donny’s narrative full circle towards the end, the final tease, where Donny gets new insights into how Martha must have felt after his initial acts of kindness, is something the show can build upon further.

Owing to this, Baby Reindeer’s renewal is not entirely impossible. However, since the show is based on Richard Gadd’s true story and emotional journey through trauma, abuse, and stalking, it is hard to imagine how season 2 would be worthwhile.

Given how Richard Gadd is already moving on to other fresh projects, he, too, may be keen on exploring newer opportunities instead of forcing a new season out of his hit Netflix show.

Therefore, Richard Gadd’s next show, Lions, is probably the closest thing audiences will get as spiritual successor to Baby Reindeer.

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About Baby Reindeer

Baby Reindeer is a British black comedy drama-thriller miniseries created by and starring Richard Gadd.

An adaptation of Gadd’s autobiographical one-man show of the same name, the series is based on Gadd’s real life experience of being stalked and sexually assaulted in his twenties. The series consists of seven episodes, which all simultaneously premiered on Netflix on 11 April 2024

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