Will Naruto Eventually Die in Boruto? 

We all remember the very first episode of Boruto, which revealed a fight between Boruto and Kawaki in what looked like a completely destroyed Konoha.  

Kawaki was seen warning Boruto that he will send him to the same place as the Seventh Hokage. This was a super vague line and created a lot of doubts and questions among the fans. 

While most of them assumed that Naruto was dead and Kawaki was threatening Boruto to send him to his death. However, some others were convinced that there is no way Naruto could have died. 

Now that Kurama is dead and Naruto has become considerably weak, the chances of him dying look higher. Let’s explore all the scenarios and understand if any clues predict his death. 

The writers can choose to kill Naruto as it helps in the plot progression. Naruto has become completely powerless and also lost Kurama which supports the theory. However, we cannot deny that Naruto is still a very strong shinobi. It can go either way. 

Possibility of Naruto Dying! 

In recent episodes, we have seen Naruto experience severe losses. He has been completely nerfed and has been completely powerless.  

In the recent fight with Isshiki, Naruto also lost his closest confidant and his best friend Kurama. Kurama sacrificed himself to save Naruto and all the other people. 

Losing Kurama puts Naruto at a huge disadvantage. He is no longer strong enough to take high-level threats. However, even after losing Kurama, Naruto still has massive chakra reserves. This might save him from his death. 

Will Naruto Eventually Die in Boruto?
Kurama’s Death

Will Kawaki be responsible for Naruto’s Death? 

The future scene at the very beginning of Boruto hints at Naruto’s potential death. However, many fans argue that Kawaki seriously adores and respects Naruto and they cannot imagine him killing Naruto. 

When he says, “I’ll send you where I sent the Seventh Hokage, Boruto,” it can also be interpreted as Naruto being somewhere else and not dead.  


Losing Kurama has been a massive blow to Naruto both in terms of physical and mental state. He no longer has Kurama to depend on. However, you cannot underestimate Naruto as he is still a very capable Ninja. 

While some believe Kawaki to be responsible for his death, it’s almost impossible to imagine him being able to harm Naruto. All in all, this can go either way, only time can tell. 

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