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When, Where & What – The Kissing Booth Coming Soon to Netflix with Season 2

The Kissing Booth is definitely coming back with a season 2. Here’s when, where, and why of it all.

Based on the novel of the same name by Beth Reekles, The Kissing Booth has been one of the most rewatched films on Netflix. And why not.

A boy-girl best friend pair, angry bad boy and Harvard hottie falling for his lil’ bro’s late-blooming best friend, a kissing booth, and lots of nearly naked teens. The show has a lot to be rewinded for.

When is Season 2 out?


As of now, we do not have a release date, but we presume it’ll possibly hit the small screen in May 2020.

The filming wrapped up in August, which means plenty of time for post-production. The first season was also a May release, and so we are expecting an announcement date any time now.

Who’s new in the cast?

Jacob Elordi will be back as the hot-headed Noah Flynn with Joey King as the late bloomer Elle Evans. Joel Courtney is also returning as Lee Flynn, Elle’s BFF, and Noah’s brother.

However, in an announcement video of the sequel, Netflix revealed that two new characters would be joining the team.

Watch the video here:

Netflix has confirmed Maisie Richardson-Sellers and Taylor Perez will join the cast as the love interests of Noah and Elle, respectively.

They’re starring as Noah’s collegemate Chloe and Elle’s classmate Marco.

What’s the new plotline?

In its official synopsis of the second season, Netflix shared that Elle Evans and Noab Flynn will return to senior year at school and Harvard, respectively.

They have just spent the most romantic summer together and will now wrangle with a long-distance relationship.

Meanwhile, as a senior, Elle also has to focus on getting into her dream college with her best friend, Lee.

The Kissing Booth 2

And to add to it all, she’s definitely harboring hots for her handsome, charismatic new classmate Marco (Taylor Perez). On the other hand, Noah is growing close to a seemingly-perfect college girl (Maisie Richardson-Sellers).

Author Beth Reekles has confirmed that the movie will be based on the second book she has written called The Kissing Booth 2: Going the Distance.

Reekles also wrote a companion short story to The Kissing Booth called The Beach House that sees Elle, Lee, and Noah hang out at a beach house for the summer. If you can’t get enough Kissing Booth, you can read The Beach House.

Where is the trailer?

While there is no trailer or teaser out just yet, we know that the first movie was ‘teased’ only 10 days before its premiere. Chances are fans who won’t be waiting long for footage from the sequel.

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