What is a Black Trigger in World Trigger?

World Trigger has one of the most fascinating power systems in the world of anime – Triggers powered by trion.

The second season of World Trigger has surprised its audience with refined animations and good pacing, forming a stark difference from its season one. Due to this, many others are starting to get into the series, ready to be mind blown by its plot, action, and world-building.

As the main source of strength in World Trigger, Trion is used to power Triggers. While common Triggers are indeed extremely strong, they don’t hold a candle to a Black Trigger, capable of changing the tides of war in a moment. To the newer audience and the old fans who want to refresh their memories, let’s take a look at everything we know about Black Triggers.

1. What is a Black Trigger in World Trigger?

A Black Trigger is the strongest weapon in the World Trigger universe and is created from the sacrifice of a person’s life and trion. It carries its creator’s legacy and strongly reflects their personality, allowing only those compatible to use it.

While a Black Trigger is infinitely more powerful than a common Trigger, not many exist in either world. There are two reasons for this; the first one is the requirement of its creator’s death.

Not only that, but the creator must also possess a high trion level, other than the willingness to sacrifice themselves. The second reason is the factor of luck that plays a huge role. A person might sacrifice their life and trion, but the creation of a Black Trigger might not necessarily occur.

On the off-chance that a Black Trigger is created, it can ONLY be activated by people who are compatible with its creator’s personality. Imagine Harry Potter, but instead of a wand choosing a wizard, a Black Trigger chooses its user and not the other way around.

What is a Black Trigger in World Trigger?
Creation of Black Trigger | Source: Fandom

This user-compatibility is a huge factor in World Trigger. Imagine if weapons as powerful as Black Triggers could randomly fall into anyone’s hands; a disaster would be imminent. Only those who match the Black Trigger’s creator’s personality are qualified to use it.

I have been talking about these Black Triggers’ immense power for a while now, but what exactly are they capable of?

These Black Triggers are incomparably powerful, so much so that they often act as the deciding factor during wars in the Neighborhood. The simple possession of one automatically ensures the superior position of a country. However, due to the sacrificial nature behind the creation of a Black Trigger, the tides of war can change in a moment.

A nation on the brink of defeat, when pushed too far, can utilize its fatalities to increase its chances of producing a Black Trigger, immediately allowing them to fight back and even win. The fear of their opponents’ creating Black Triggers out of desperation is often why the winning nations in the Neighbourhood don’t push them too far back into a corner.

A Black Trigger is truly a fate-changing weapon; in the right hands, it can save millions while killing the name number, if not more, in the wrong ones.

2. Known Black Triggers and their Users

Talking about a Black Trigger’s power, each one has different abilities, and its output depends on the user’s trion level. The stronger the users, the more frightening will the Black Trigger become in their hands.

There are currently eight known Black Triggers, out of which three are owned by the Border, four by Aftokrator, and the remaining one belongs to Ergates. There is also an unknown mercenary Black Trigger, but there’s no information available about it as of now.

What is a Black Trigger in World Trigger?
Tsukihiko Amo | Source: Fandom
Black TriggerBlack Trigger UserAffiliationAbility / Type
Amo’s TriggerTsukihiko AmoBorderPower-type, annihilation
FujinYuichi Jin, Shuji Miwa (10 other Border members are compatible with Fujin)BorderAttack-type Trigger that creates slashes capable of passing through objects
Yugo’s TriggerYuma KugaBorderSeals
VorvorosEnedra (former)AftokratorAllows the user to liquefy and gasify their physical trion body at will.
OrganonVizaAftokratorDestructive blade-type
AlektorHaireinAftokratorAllows the user to fire animal-shaped trion bullets that turn contacted objects into cubes.  
SpeiraskiaMiraAftokratorPortal Creation
Ergates’ Trigger (anime only)Charon, Gieve (former)ErgatesRelease and Control of various Trion Warriors

3. Will Jin Get Fujin Back?

Yuichi Jin will not get his Fujin back anytime soon in the manga. The only way he might regain possession of it is if the Shinoda faction becomes weaker or Yuma dies/leaves the Border. In any case, it is impossible for Jin to gain Fujin as long as there’s a need for power balance.

Yuichi’s master, Soichi Mogami, sacrificed his life in order to create a Black Trigger. While Fujin had been passed down to Jin and was in his possession for the past three years, he had to hand it over to the Border’s main branch to ensure Yuma’s survival and enlistment in the Border.

By giving the Black Trigger to the Border’s HQ, a power balance was created between the two sides. Currently, Fujin is available to all the compatible users, i.e., 12 Border agents.

World Trigger S2 - Jin || Fujin
Jin|| Fujin | World Trigger S2

While the consensus is that Jin gave up Fujin for the welfare of Yuma and Tamakoma, some believe that things might not be that simple. Yuichi predicted that Miwa would play an important role in saving Osamu from an ordeal, which might be one of the reasons why he willingly gave away his Fujin.

This possibility is cemented by the fact that during the invasion arc, Jin’s action of giving up the Fujin indirectly saved Chika from being kidnapped. If it hadn’t been for the Black Trigger in Miwa’s hands, who knows what the situation might have been like.

Are Jin’s actions straightforward, or is he playing a longer game here? One can only hope that the manga answers our questions soon.

4. Will Yuma Get Replica Back?

Yuma will get Replica back in some capacity, but it won’t be anytime soon. After being dissected by Mira, Replica had been deactivated and was onboard the Aftokrator ship when they made their escape. At this moment, it is unknown whether Replica is alive or dead.

What is a Black Trigger in World Trigger?
Yuma Kuga | Source: Fandom

Replica acts as Yuma Kuga’s guardian and is a multi-task Trion Warrior created by his father, Yugo. During the large scale invasion, it was dissected by Mira, thus rendering it incapable of anything other than opening doors. The last time Replica was seen was when Osamu threw it inside the Aftokrator’s ship in order to track Hairein.

After the invasion, we have neither seen Replica nor his mini version. At this moment, it is difficult to say whether it is even alive. One of Yuma’s objectives as part of the Away Mission Team is to find Replica when they go to Aftokrator.

While some theories state that Replica will end up taking over Aftokrator from the inside or that it will assume an entirely different form, nothing is known as of yet.

5. Will a New Black Trigger Be Made?

With their enemies stronger than ever, there’s a need for Border, and Osamu specifically, to increase their strength, and what better way to do so than possess a Black Trigger?

Currently, Border possesses 3 Black Triggers, but there might be a possibility of a fourth one being created. As we all know, creating a weapon this powerful requires one to sacrifice their own life and trion, and many fans fear that this task will fall on Jin.

What is a Black Trigger in World Trigger?
Black Tigger User | Source: Fandom

From the very beginning, Jin had many death flags raised for him. In fact, he predicted that he could die at any point, and going out with a smile was the future he envisioned. It has been theorized that the Black Trigger assassin that nearly Killed Yuma will critically injure Jin, resulting in the latter using his life to create a Black Trigger that may fall in Osamu’s hands.

While this is all speculation, the chances of a new Black Trigger being introduced in the manga are pretty high.

6. About World Trigger

World Trigger, also known in short as WorTri, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Daisuke Ashihara. It was initially serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from February 2013 to November 2018 and later transferred in December 2018 to Jump Square.

A mysterious white-haired kid named Yūma Kuga gets transferred to the local school. It turns out, Kuga is actually a humanoid. In school, he becomes friends with another student, Osamu Mikumo, who is, in fact, an undercover C-class Border trainee. Mikumo becomes the perfect guide for Kuga to save him being discovered by Border.

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