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Will Tamakoma-2 Join the Expedition Force?

Once again, World Trigger is back with its brutal cliffhangers; episode 10 is the living proof of how wonderfully Toei Animation loves to tease its audience. The hype created for Tamakoma-2 was internally satisfying; other teams are finally seeing their potential. It is the moment for Tamkoma-2 to shine. Hyuse is here, and everyone is desperate to see him in action as an ally; indeed, it will be mind-blowing. After Karasawa’s casual threat of disposing of Hyuse if he decides to betray, Karasawa strikes up an exciting topic of ‘Whether Tamakoma-2 will be selected for away squads.’ […]

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Top 20 Strongest Characters in World Trigger, Ranked!

The power scale keeps changing in World Trigger; the once weak agent can fight monstrous creatures with enormous strength. It has precisely produced some incredible characters. Let’s see the strongest characters in World Trigger.

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What is a Black Trigger in World Trigger?

World Trigger has one of the most fascinating power systems in the world of anime – Triggers powered by trion. The second season of World Trigger has surprised its audience with refined animations and good pacing, forming a stark difference from its season one. Due to this, many others are starting to […]