Black Clover Manga Returns for Final Saga

Yuki Tabata went on a 3-month hiatus but came back to his readers with mind-blowing titles in Chapter 332 (“Final Declaration”) and in Chapter 333 (“The World’s Savior and its Flaw”).

With these intriguing titles, I noticed how Chapters 332 and 333 alone had tone shifts that made readers feel on a “Final Saga” feels trip. And let me tell you why.

Despite the “Final Arc” phrase appearing in Chapter 331 the way it did, let’s face it: many of us are not ready for this fantastic series to end. I love this series much as any average Black Clover fan, but I’m not yet ready for Tabata-sensei to conclude it.

In any case, let’s explore what makes Chapters 332 and 333 very unique in the series.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Black Clover.

Was there a Time Skip in Chapter 332?

There was another time skip in Chapter 332; this time, 1 year and 3 months have passed. Asta is now 18 years old. Since he is now legally a man, Yuki Tabata made it the opportune time for him to make his 5th (and last) marriage proposal to Sister Lily.

Black Clover Manga Returns for Final Saga
Noelle | Source: Fandom

Asta confessed to Sister Lily in the balcony, but he was rejected because she only views him as a younger brother. Noelle and Mimosa witnessed the scene and were pretty jealous because they also have a crush on Asta.

Another somewhat romantic scene that took place in Chapter 332 was when Charlotte was hiding from Yami.

She was hiding and running away because she’s bashful around him since she confessed her love in tears to him while he was on the verge of death in Chapter 330. Charlotte running away from Yami was both cute and hilarious!

What Honorary title did Asta get?

Asta was awarded “Senior Magic Knight, 1st class”. And on top of it all, it’s revealed in Chapter 332 how Asta’s trial was delayed because Damnatio Kira went missing during the 1 year and 3 months time skip.

Asta also mentioned how he’s elated to be acknowledged by the captains. However, he repeated his one-and-true goal by saying he still aims to be the Wizard King even though Yuno outdid him.

Black Clover Manga Returns for Final Saga
Asta | Source: IMDb

Just so you know guys, Yuno achieved the Grand Magic Knight title (a higher rank than Asta’s) and went to investigate during the time skip with the Golden Dawn members and some of the Black Bull members.

On one hand, I’m happy for Yuno since it’s in his character to achieve such a high status. But, I still feel a little bit sad for Asta. He was only awarded the “Senior Magic Knight, 1st class” when he should have received more.

Regardless, Black Clover runs in a Shōnen Jump series. Yuki Tabata does not intend to make it easy for the main casts to achieve their goals despite the series heading towards its finale.

What is Lucius Zogratis up to?

Lucius Zogratis wants to achieve true peace, repair all humans by eliminating the world’s flaws, and rule over humans as the final Wizard King.

It’s implied in the beginning of Chapter 332 that Lucius ate the heart of Lucifero. And it’s confirmed in Chapter 333 that Lucious did absorb Lucifero by eating the devil’s heart.

Black Clover Manga Returns for Final Saga
Lucius Zogratis | Source: Fandom

We saw how it all went down. The King of Devils himself died at the 7th Level of the Underworld when Lucius was confronting him while preparing to eat the monster’s heart.

But the biggest plot twist occurred in Chapter 332 when Lucius appeared out of nowhere and casually walked towards the balcony where Sister Lily rejected Asta’s confession.

Lucius appeared to Asta after the 1 year and 3 months time skip to confront the boy. He cruelly and menacingly smiled while saying, “Asta, this is your final destination”.

Then, Lucius revealed his plans in Chapter 333: he wants to be the savior of the world by eliminating the flaw of the world: Asta.

This statement enrages Asta, of course, who only shot back by challenging his enemy, “Right here, right now, I’ll surpass the Wizard King!”

Black Clover Manga Returns for Final Saga
Asta | Source: IMDb

Even though Spade Kingdom was recently defeated by the Clover Kingdom, all of the events that took place in Chapters 332 and 333 raise red flags. They’re mind-boggling enough to hint the readers about a final upcoming war in Black Clover.

About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since February 16, 2015.

The story centers around Asta, a young boy seemingly born without any magic power, something that is unknown in the world he lives in; and his foster brother Yuno who received the rare four-leaf grimoire and has more magic power than most people! With his fellow mages from the Black Bulls, Asta plans to become the next Wizard King.

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