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Upcoming Netflix Anime Eden Gets Manga Adaptation

Netflix has officially taken over the world of anime and with the lineup it has this year, there is a lot of content that awaits us!

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With the release date of the anime nearing each day, Netflix’s original anime series, Eden already has something else up its sleeve.

The upcoming sci-fi and fantasy anime series, Eden has now received a manga adaptation. Created by Justin Leach who previously worked on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the expectation from this anime is already skyrocketing!

The official Twitter account of Shonengahosha’s Young King Ours magazine recently announced that Netflix’s four-episode original anime, Eden, will be receiving a manga adaptation.

Illustrated by Tsuyoshi Isomoto, the manga is expected to launch by February 16.

The cover will be featured in the April Issue of GH magazine

The Netflix original anime will be released in May!

Twitter Translation, English Translate

The cover features the happy-go-lucky Sarah along with E92 and A37.

It will be featured in the April issue of the Young King Ours GH magazine. Isomoto is best known for being the author & artist of Sandaime wa Ume Kukuri! and Girl’s Ride.

Meanwhile, the anime is set to premiere in May after being delayed from its initial fall 2020 release.

The cast of the anime includes:

CharacterCastOther Works
SarahMarika KōnoRin Kohana (Seiyu’s Life!) 
E92Kentaro ItoChoji Akimichi (Naruto)
A37Kyoko HikamiRisaki Nishida (Hitohira)
ZeroKōichi YamaderaYuuta (Mermaid Forest)
Upcoming Netflix Anime Eden Gets Manga Adaptation
Eden | Source: Netflix

The show follows a little girl called Sara Grace who lands up in the city of Eden 3. She is found by two farming robots, E92 and A37, who secretly raise her in a safe haven.

Directed by Yasuhiro, the director of Full Metal: Alchemist, Eden is predicted to be one of the best anime releases of 2021. Well, fingers crossed for now!

About Eden

Eden is a dystopian science fiction anime series created by Kimiko Ueno and directed by Yasuhiro Irie.

Set in the futuristic, sci-fi city called Eden 3, the city is solely inhabited by robots whose masters vanished long ago.

On a routine assignment, 2 farming robots find a human baby girl and accidentally awaken her from stasis.

Questioning all they were taught to believe: humans were nothing but a forbidden ancient myth. Together, the 2 robots secretly raise the girl in the safe place of Eden.

Originally Written By Epic Dope

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