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Gag Manga “Under Ninja” to Receive TV Anime Adaptation

Ninjas have always been the symbol of discipline and hard work, but Kuro Kumogakure from the “Under Ninja” is everything but that. 

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Mangaka Kengo Hanazawa’s tale of Kuro, the deadly combination of a NEET and a Ninja, is set in a world where ninjas still roam the streets waiting to receive their orders.

They guard against terrorists and violence always steadfast in protecting the peace, but not everyone gets their missions done without hurdles.

The publisher Kodansha announced in the 41st issue of Young Magazine that Kengo Hanazawa’s “Under Ninja” manga is receiving an anime adaptation. Additionally, Under Ninja also launched the manga series’ sixth volume today (September 6).

\#ヤンマガ No. 41 is on sale! /

 Volume 6 releases commemoration of the book, color in the volume !!

 “#アンダーニンジャ (Kengo Hanazawa)

 TV animation big decision !!!

 No more, it’s top-secret, so stay tuned!

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If you are a fan of series such as Naruto, brace your heart for the modern rendition of a ninja in Kuro Kumogakure. He is a jobless teenager who has to rely on his neighbors for basic amenities.

Luckily Kuro is soon presented with a chance to prove himself and revive his fallen clan, so he soon jumps into the fray. 

Gag Manga “Under Ninja” to Receive TV Anime Adaptation
Under Ninja (COVER) | Source: Official Website

Mangaka Kengo Hanazawa, known for his work such as I Am a Hero and Ressentiment, has earned much critical acclaim for his outstanding art style and storytelling.

He started his ongoing “Under Ninja” manga under the Young Magazine in July 2018, and it is going to be the first among his series to receive an anime adaptation. 

The upcoming series will be a fun ride, but adapting mangaka Kengo’s art style into animation won’t be an easy task. So, be on the lookout for this ninja series. 

About Under Ninja

It is a Japanese manga series by Kengo Hanazawa, which began serialization in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine in July 2018.

The series follows a seventeen-year-old high school loser named Kuro, part of the secret ninja agency to counter-terrorism and violence within the Pacific region. As terrorism rises across the world, it is up to Kuro to protect Tokyo.

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