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Tower of God Chapter 69 DELAYED Further, SIU’s Hiatus Continues

“I’m a sinner.” This is how SIU, the author behind the popular webtoon series, Tower of God, feels currently. Why so? What makes the author of a record-breaking webtoon feel guilty enough to call himself a sinner?

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SIU announced previously at the end of season 3, chapter 68 of Tower of God that he will be taking a break from the webtoon. It was due to issues relating to his health. He was still working but at a reduced rate.

Tower of God's Author, SIU, Continues Indefinite Hiatus
Baam | Source: Fandom

Little did we know that SIU was so overworked that he would have to take a more significant hiatus soon. In his latest blog post, SIU announced that the indefinite hiatus of Tower of God will continue.

The post started with SIU updating us about his current lifestyle. He works just like an average person now.

In fact, he is now under less pressure than when the serialization process was underway. He apologized to fans because the manuscript work is now way slower than usual.

He expresses that he is now trying to exercise as much as possible and going to cafes or counseling sessions when depressed.

He also met up with friends and relatives. However, a sense of guilt lingers.

SIU knows that when he returns to serializing, his schedule will become as hectic as before. This makes him question whether he exists just for the sake of the webtoon.

As a writer, SIU wants to continue the series and knows that very few webtoons reach the heights like Tower of God.

However, he couldn’t feel the sense of accomplishment due to various mental and physical health issues that he has faced. He claims that he was greedy about success.

SIU ends the post by saying that the webtoon will be going on an indefinite hiatus.

He is sorry for all those readers who are waiting for his work. He promises to take as much rest as possible and return when the time comes.

The Plot so far

Princess Mascheny Jahad captured Ha Jinsung to use him as a bait to trap Baam. He is currently guarded by Jahad’s army in The Nest.

Tower of God's Author, SIU, Continues Indefinite Hiatus
Kallavan | Source: Fandom

Kallavan was betrayed by Lyborick Khun, the fourth army corps commander of Jahad’s army.

Kallavan then joins forces with Baam to take revenge against the betrayal. Baam’s group crossed the first wall and came face to face with Lo Po Bia Yasratcha, the fifth army corps commander.

About Tower of God

Tower of God is a South Korean Webtoon written and drawn by Lee Jong-hui, also known by the pen-name SIU.

The story revolves around a boy named Bam. Bam only has one person that he loves and cares about, and that is his friend Rachel.

When Rachel goes into the tower, Bam follows her. Rachel vanishes, and thus Bam starts his journey to get her back.

Source: SIU’s SNS post

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