SIU’s Hiatus Continues

Tower of God Chpt 69 DELAYED

By Epic Dope Staff | September 22, 2020

SIU had announced previously at the end of season 3, chapter 68 of Tower of God that he will be taking a break from the webtoon due to health issues.

In his latest blog post, SIU announced that the indefinite hiatus will continue. The post started with SIU updating us about his current lifestyle.

He apologized to fans and informed them about his attempts to improve his physical and mental health in the midst of depression and stress.

In the plot so far, Princess Mascheny Jahad captured Ha Jinsung to use him as a bait to trap Baam. He is guarded by Jahad’s army in The Nest.

Kallavan was betrayed by Lyborick Khun, the fourth army corps commander of Jahad’s army. He joins forces with Baam to take revenge for the betrayal.

Baam’s group crossed the first wall and came face to face with Lo Po Bia Yasratcha, the fifth army corps commander.