Top 5 Moments From Demon Slayer Season 4

Demon Slayer has always been one of the top anime picks among the otakus. Be it for the unforgettable characters, their bonds, or the mind-blowing fights, it never leaves a chance to be iconic. 

So far, the franchise has evolved into four anime seasons and three high-grossing movies. The 4th season of the Demon Slayer anime Hashira Training Arc has now finished airing with the announcement of the film trilogy of Infinity Castle Arc.

Are you missing the anime? Why not relive some of its best scenes? So, without wasting more time, here are the top 5 greatest moments from season 4 of Demon Slayer. 

5. Sanemi and Obanai’s First Encounter with Infinity Castle

Sanemi and Obanai
Sanemi and Obanai | Source: Demon Slayer USA

It was where we got a glimpse of the infamous Infinity Castle for the first time in season 4.

Sanemi and Obanai stumble upon a deserted hideout while tracking the villagers, kidnapped by the demons. 

They spot a demon carrying another woman before chasing it down through the castle. The amazing one-sided showdown between the Hashiras and the demons was a delight. 

Sanemi and Obanai were able to save that woman, but as they were about to get the demon, they both fell into the Infinity castle, the lair of none other than the Demon King, Muzan Kibutsuji. 

But the castle briefly appeared before they were transported back to the forest. 

The suspense and the buildup, eventually leading to a surprising climax, make it one of the top moments in season 4.

4. Tanjiro and Tomioka’s Soba Eating Contest

Tanjiro and Tomioka
Tanjiro and Tomioka | Source: Demon Slayer USA

Season 4 of the anime can’t be complete without mentioning this adorable moment of cheerful Tanjiro and very reclusive Tomoika.

Tanjiro wanted Tomioka to participate in the Hashira training program, which he had earlier refused. To persuade him, Tanjiro follows him around, hoping to make him agree. 

Eventually, Tanjiro proposes a soba eating contest to win his compliance. Though Giyu easily prevails, he does make Tanjiro eat more than him so that he can ‘defeat’ him

It was nice to enjoy this wholesome scene, knowing what the future will bring for the characters. 

3. Tanjiro’s Training with Gyomei

Tanjiro trying to move the boulder | Source: Ufotable

Tanjiro and Zenitsu go on to train with Gyomei, the strongest stone Hashira. As expected, the training was very difficult, but Tanjiro passed all the stages. 

The final stage of moving a big boulder proved challenging for him. When all his attempts fail, he is aided by Genya, who tells him about repetitive motion, an action to maximize concentration. He tries again and again by remembering his loved ones and the words of Rengoku until he is finally able to move it.

Apart from Tanjiro’s raw determination, it was also heartwarming to see the friendship between him and Genya. 

2. Gyomei Vs. Muzan

Gyomei Vs. Muzan | Source: Ufotable

In the heart-wrenching finale of the anime, the Ubuyahiki Mansion was set on explosion to kill Muzan, which proves to be a failure. Tamayo then uses the blood demon art and baits herself to trap Muzan so that Gyomei can behead him. 

Gyomei Himejima’s entry amidst all the fire and debris was beautifully animated by the Ufotable. Also, the flashback scene between him and Ubuyashiki was done well. 

The desperate struggle to keep Muzan until the sunlight was everything you could imagine from the anime and more. 

1. Kagaya Ubuyashiki’s Sacrifice

Kagaya Ubuyashiki
Ubuyashiki’s Sacrifice | Source: Ufotable

In the much-awaited climax, Kibutsuji Muzan himself goes to Ubuyashiki, who is bedridden. The fans had been waiting for this confrontation between the two opposing clan leaders for a long time. As expected, every frame in this episode, from the Ubuyashiki’s family past to the Muzan’s sentiments, kept fans glued to the screen. 

Muzan had intended to end him there, but before he could, the mansion was set ablaze before erupting in a huge explosion. All the Hashiras ran to save the mansion but were too late.

It was surprising, considering no one, not even Muzan, had anticipated that plan. The top-notch animation elevated the intensity of the scene to the extreme. No doubt, this Demon Slayer moment will go down as one of the top moments in anime history. 

About Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotoge. Its publication in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump began in February 2016 and ended in May 2020 with 23 collected tankōbon volumes.

In a world filled with demons and demon slayers, Kimetsu no Yaiba follows the lives of two siblings Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado after— the murder of their family at the hands of a demon. Their hardship does not end there, as Nezuko’s life is spared only for her to live as a demon.

As the oldest sibling, Tanjiro vows to protect and cure his sister. The story traces the bond of this brother-sister or better yet, demon slayer and demon combo against the odds of an arch antagonist and the society.

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