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Top 10 Strongest Characters in Noragami – Ranked!

With its unique storyline centered around gods, spirits, and humans, Noragami gathered quite a lot of attention from the community when it aired.

After its release, the characters, specifically the beloved trio of Yato, Yukine, and Hiyori, and the comedy, romance, and fight scenes helped build a solid fanbase.

While the anime stopped airing after season 2, and there’s no new season in sight, many are still keenly following its manga.

With new character introductions and a denser plot, it is going quite well. Apart from the few gods shown in the anime, the manga features a multitude of other heavenly beings and supernatural creatures, each of them strong in their own right.

However, it is quite difficult to gauge who is stronger than their opponent, mainly because of the shinki and their different forms and powers with different owners.

For those who haven’t read the manga and would like to know more, or those who would like to refresh their minds before this month’s release, here’s a list of the top ten strongest characters from Noragami.

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10. Amaterasu

Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess, is the highest-ranked Goddess who stands at the top of heaven.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Noragami
Amaterasu | Source: Fandom

She has the ability to ask her fellow Gods and Goddesses to gather to accomplish a certain task and is the highest voice of command.

She possesses three sacred treasures that, unlike shinki, can reincarnate. The three items are Mikagami, which represents a mirror, Mitama representing a jewel, and Mitsurugi representing a sword.

All these treasures are proof of her divine might. She would be ranked much further up in this list if not for the lack of information about her.

9. Kagutsuchi

Kagutsuchi is the God of fire and volcanoes, and the son of Izanami, the queen of the underworld.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Noragami
Kagutsuchi | Source: Fandom

He has the ability to create and control fire via breathing flames at his target. The fact that he was summoned to subjugate Bishamonten, the Goddess of War, is a testament to his strength.

8. Rabo

Rabo was one of the main antagonists and a God of Calamity like Yato. His main ability was water manipulation, with which he could create explosive clones and water spheres to trap enemies.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Noragami
Rabo | Source: Fandom

He used this in tandem with his shinki Nora, known as Reiki, to attack Yato. Furthermore, he could also summon and store phantoms, as well as merge with them.

He fought against Yato in the latter half of the series and lost. However, the fact that he battled against him for long, and even made him take it seriously, makes Rabo extremely strong.

7. Takemikazuchi

Takemikazuchi is the God of thunder and swords. He is highly ranked in heaven and is known for his combat skill.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Noragami
Takemikazuchi | Source: Fandom

He is capable of conjuring and controlling clouds, as well as manipulating lighting to take the form of a dragon.

His strongest shinki, Kiun, is known to be unbeatable while in battle and has absolute control of lightening. He can produce highly destructive bolts and allow his master to move at lightning speeds.

6. Kofuku

Kofuku is the Goddess of Poverty, and despite belonging to a group of nameless gods that are not worshipped, her abilities are unusually powerful.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Noragami
Kofuku | Source: Fandom

She is infamous among the gods of heaven because of her ability to have bad omens follow her, as well as to rip open portals to the underworld.

Kofuku’s main ability is to destroy good luck, and even the immense Good Fortune of the Seven Gods of Fortune was negated in front of her.

In fact, it is implied that she’s powerful enough to face and defeat Bishamonten, the Goddess of War.

Noragami | Kofuku

When using her shinki Daikoku in his vessel form, she is able to force a Vent to open and summon a huge amount of Gloom. This scary ability terrifies even the gods, who have nicknamed her the “Queen of Bad Luck.”

5. Bishamonten

Bishamonten, also known as Bishamon, is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune, as well as the Goddess of War. She is one of the most powerful Gods and is loved and worshipped by humans.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Noragami
Bishamonten | Source: Fandom

Her lead shinki, Kazuma, is a Blessed Regalia and has already shown to have beaten Kiun, who is regarded as one of the heaven’s strongest.

His vessel form, with the ability to navigate and track others, has virtually no weaknesses.

Furthermore, he has the special ability to connect with other shinki and guide them, enhancing the overall power of Bishamon.

4. Arahabaki

Arahabaki is an Emishi god that was defeated by the heavens. After he reincarnated, the heavenly guard took control of his guidepost and chose his shinki, Shiigun.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Noragami
Arahbaki | Source: Fandom

Shiigun is one of the strongest shinki in heaven, and despite not being blessed regalia, it is said to have the power of one.

In its vessel form, it transforms into an entire army on horseback and is able to wear out his opponents long before they can even reach him.

With this shinki, Arahabaki is extremely strong.

3. Father

Father is the one whose wish resulted in Yato’s birth. While he is centuries old, he continues living by possessing the bodies of other humans. He is a conjurer of Phantoms, who hates and deceived the Gods.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Noragami
Father | Source: Fandom

Father is in possession of at least two brushes, which gives him the ability to summon and control Ayakashi, as well as hide them within humans.

The full extent of his power is unknown, as he mainly fights using these Ayakashis.

His shinki, Nora, known as Mizuchi, makes the other shinkis struck by it to obtain memories of their former lives and become trapped in their past.

Under Father, in her Chiki form, Nora possesses perhaps the most overpowered power as it is effectively an instant counter to any shinki.

2. Yato

Yato is one of the three main protagonists and a God of Calamity and Depression.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Noragami
Yato | Source: Fandom

Due to this, he is extremely skilled in the art of combat, such as swordsmanship and spearmanship. In fact, he is so powerful that he even won a fight against Takemikazuchi, a God known for his amazing combat skills in combat.

His shinki, Yukine, is a Blessed Regalia with the power to literally rend heaven apart.

Noragami - Yato vs. Rabo
Yato vs Rabo

Furthermore, with him, Yato has the ability to sever the ties of people, be it with other humans or even gods. What makes him so powerful is the fact that, according to Rabo, despite being this powerful, he was even stronger in the past.

1. Izanami

Izanami, the Queen of the Underworld, is the strongest character in the Noragami series. She is the mother of the first gods, such as Ebisu and Kagutsuchi. She can command countless hordes of Yomi entities to hunt down and constrict targets.

This renders them from being unable to ever leave the realm. Unlike other gods, she cannot use shinki as they are pure souls that would due in the underworld.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Noragami
Izanami | Source: Fandom

Her abilities include creating the Mandates of Hell (Phantoms Brushes), which she uses to summon Phantoms.

It is these brushes that Father stole for his own purposes. Izanami can also connect to the Yomi infrastructure, which allows her to find others and prevent their escape routes.

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