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Top 10 Must-Watch Anime With Evil MCs Of All Time & Where To Watch Them!

Every time we come across the word “Protagonist,” the first thing that comes into our mind is a hero who will save the world. But that’s not the case for every one of them.

Some of the protagonists have their perspective on the world, and they try to become the “hero of that world,” which leads us to the whole concept of Evil Main Characters .i.e. Evil Protagonists.

They can do anything from small to large scale, be it killing an innocent person or murdering a whole nation. Without any further adieu, let’s begin our top 10 anime with evil MC.

10. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied portrays the harsh reality of human psychology.

Elfen Lied

Air Date: July 2004Status: FinishedNo. of Seasons: 1No. of Episodes: 13

Lucy is a victim of inhumane scientific experimentation by the government as she is a special human breed called “Diclonius.”

Elfen Lied - Official Trailer

In the rage of being tormented for so long, Lucy unleashes bloodshed as she escapes but receives a crippling head injury leaving her with a split personality. 

After that, she meets Kouta and Yuka, who take her in not knowing of her murderous tendencies. Soon their lives get dragged into government conspiracies involving Lucy.

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9. Jormungand

Jormungand is a reminder of why one shouldn’t deal with world peace.


Air Date: April 2012Status: FinishedNo. of Seasons: 1No. of Episodes: 24

Koko Hekmatyar is an international drug dealer who takes on Jonah as his bodyguard, who hates weapons growing up in a war zone.

Koko has her overly idealistic goal of world peace, which she wants to turn into reality by distributing arms to armies, private militaries, and militias.

top 10 anime with evil mc

And for that, Koko is always under the CIA and assassins radar as her work is illegal under international law. 

8. 91 Days

91 Days is a well-executed classic revenge story. 

91 Days

Air Date: July 2016Status: FinishedNo. of Seasons: 1No. of Episodes: 12

Angelo Lagusa, in his mere childhood, has witnessed his family being mercilessly slaughtered by the Vanetti mafia family. After that incident, he leaves everything behind, adopting a new identity of Avilio Bruno.

After seven years, he gets a mysterious letter asking him to return to his hometown Lawless which he left long ago.

On reaching there, he encounters the Vanetti don’s son, Nero. He befriends him using his newly-honed skills to take his revenge. 

7. Michiko & Hatchin

Michiko & Hatchin deals with a quirky story of a convict mother and her daughter.

Michiko & Hatchin

Air Date: October 2008Status: Finished No. of Seasons: 1No. of Episodes: 22

Michiko Marlando is a stunning hardened criminal who breaks out of the prison in her 4th attempt in search of a man from her past.

She gets the first clue in the form of Hana Morenos, who is a young girl relentlessly tortured by her foster family.

Michiko & Hatchin Official Trailer

Being helpless, Hana dreams about her prince charming rescuing her from there, which turns out to be Michiko, who claims to be her mother. Their search for the man begins facing serious hurdles on their way.

6. Overlord

Overlord portrays an evil protagonist in the best way possible.


Air Date: July 2015Status: FinishedNo. of Seasons: 3No. of Episodes: 39

Deciding to spend the last moments in the game, Momonga gets stuck in the virtual reality world Yggdrasil where he is still fully conscious as his character. In contrast, the other characters developed their personalities of their own. 

Overlord - Trailer

Confronted by the abnormal situation, Momonga commands his servants to take control of this new world and investigate if there is any other player who has stuck in the game like him.

5. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate is for those who obsess over vampires.

Hellsing Ultimate

Air Date: May 2006Status: FinishedNo. of Seasons: 1No. of Episodes: 10

Hellsing is an organization which is dedicated to destroying the creatures of darkness that threaten the existence of humanity. Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing heads it.

top 10 anime with evil mc

Their vast army pales in comparison to her ultimate weapon, the vampire Alucard who works against his kind as an exterminator. Alucard, accompanied by his new vampire servant Seras Victoria stands against those who oppose Hellsing.

4. The Saga of Tanya the Evil

Evil doesn’t have any shape or size, it’s the lesson you learn from The Saga of Tanya the Evil.

The Saga of Tanya the Evil

Air Date: January 2017Status: FinishedNo. of Seasons: 1No. of Episodes: 12

A man after challenging Being X, the self-proclaimed God to a battle of wits, was reincarnated into a world of magical welfare as a little girl named Tanya Degurechaff. She is now known as the “Devil of the Rhine” for her predatorial-like ruthlessness in the country’s military.

top 10 anime with evil mc

As this world heads towards world war, Tanya’s strongest obstacle in recreating a peaceful life is Being X. Her actions and combats are propelling the mighty empire to become one of the strongest in humanity’s history.

3. Terror in Resonance

Terror in Resonance suggests you to not judge a book by its cover.

Terror in Resonance

Air Date: July 2014Status: FinishedNo. of Seasons: 1No. of Episodes: 11

After an attack on a nuclear facility in Japan, the government is shattered for its inability to track down those perpetrators.

top 10 anime with evil mc

When things were going back to normal after six months, those two perpetrators released a video identifying themselves as “Sphinx”.

They directly challenged the police department threatening to cause mayhem across Tokyo. The police were unable to stop the mass panic and hired Detective Kenjirou to solve the case. 

2. Code Geass

Code Geass beautifully portrays the unrecognized potential of human intellect.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Air Date: October 2006Status: FinishedNo. of Seasons: 2No. of Episodes: 50

After conquering Japan, the Holy Empire of Britannia has renamed it as Area 11, which came along with the resistance from the tyrants wanting to regain independence. 

Lelouch Lamperouge, a Britannia student, was saved by a mysterious girl C.C. when he was caught in a crossfire between the empire and the rebels. 

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Official Trailer

The girl bestowed upon him Geass, the “Power of Kings,” which has the “power of absolute obedience.” Lelouch, after realizing its potential plans to take revenge against Britannia.

1. Death Note

Death Note is a bold illustration of the fine line between good and evil.

Death Note

Air Date: October 2006Status: FinishedNo. of Seasons: 1No. of Episodes: 37

Getting bored with the Shinigami lifestyle, Ryuk drops his Death Note into the human realm to see how a human would use it. Light Yagami, a high school student, finds it.

After knowing its ability to kill people just by writing the name, he dreams of creating a world without criminals becoming a god himself. 


Police, however, quickly discovering a serial killer, hires a young and eccentric man known only as L, who is the best detective in the world.

Honorable mentions

There are some other series where one of the protagonists closely resembles an evil character. They are Black Lagoon, FLCL, Future Diary(Mirai Nikki), Excel Saga.

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