Fairy Tail: The Most Powerful Dragons, Ranked

Dragons play a pivotal role in the world of Fairy Tail. Be it the role of loving parents or the powerful villains, dragons are everywhere! 

Fairy Tail has blessed us with various types of dragons with cool looks and even cooler magical abilities. So, with that, a burning question arises: Who among them is the most powerful dragon? 

While the answers may vary, some powerful dragons have shown us some of the most amazing battles. So, without further delay, here is the list of some of the strongest dragons in the verse. 

10. Motherglare

Motherglare | Source: Fandom

Motherboard was a giant Dragon who had invaded the Fiore via Eclipse Gate on Future Rogue’s order. It has the hardest body, which is impenetrable. This dragon also goes by the other alias-Diamond Dragon.

It is one of the strongest dragons in the verse, as proved by its multiple magic uses and strength. It had also given quite a tough competition to Natsu and Atlas Flame. Apart from its magic, it uses a peculiar form of ‘Egg Magic,’ which, upon hatching, releases a large number of dragon entities.

9. Atlas Flame

Atlas Flame
Atlas Flame | Source: Fandom

Atlas Flame was one of the seven dragons that invaded Crocus through Eclipse Gate. He was also the close friend of the Fire Dragon King, Igneel, and the originator of the Sun Village. 

Instead of dragon scales, his entire body is covered in fire, appearing massive. He uses a special type of fire magic called Hell’s Flame. Due to his destructive power, he’d proved a powerful foe to Fairy Tail members until he decided to team up with Natsu to defeat Future Rogue.

8. Irene Belserion

Irene Belserion | Source: Fandom

She was also known as the Queen of Dragons, having ruled over the Kingdom of Dragnof 400 years ago. She also became the first Dragon Slayer with the help of Belserion, a dragon.

Shortly after the war, she was turned into a dragon. In her dragon form, she can utilize a great level of magic, thus increasing the power levels of her enchantments. Her dragon form is the ‘Sage Dragon,’ through which she can use a Sage Dragon Slayer Magic. Since she can freely switch her forms from a human to a dragon, she is said to be a very skilled fighter.

7. Animus

Animus | Source: Fandom

Animus was a dragon and a King of the Kingdom of Stella. He wished to turn the world into that of dragons. In the movie, he managed to overpower Natsu, who had to undergo dragonization to defeat him.

As a dragon, he is shown capable of exhibiting all the skills and combat techniques of a dragon. Apart from that, he can perform magic like Telekinesis and Thought Projection.

6. Weisslogia

Weisslogia | Source: Fandom

Known as White Dragon, Weisslogia was a foster father to Sting Eucliffe. He was the dragon who taught Sting, White Dragon Slayer Magic before disappearing along with other dragons.

The White Dragon was fabled to possess immense strength before Acnologia took his soul. He can also use his magic to create light to cause destruction.

5. Skiadrum

Skiadrum | Source: Fandom

This ‘Shadow Dragon’ was the foster father to Rogue Cheney. This dragon, though, seems scary but is a big softie inside as he took in young Rogue when he had no one and taught him Dragon Slayer Magic. 

Although not shown much, he was a very powerful Dragon who could use his Magic to turn into a shadow and maneuver himself at high speed and precision.

4. Metalicana

Metalicana | Source: Fandom

He was the metallic Dragon who also goes by the name- the ‘Iron Dragon.’ He was a foster father to Gajeel Redfox, having cared for him like his own son. Like other Dragons, he also taught Gajeel his own variation of magic-Iron Dragon Slayer Magic. 

Living to his namesake, he has a tough body, capable of withstanding the deadly assaults and appearing unscathed. He used to have great strength and power earlier before his soul was stolen.

3. Grandeeney

Grandeeney | Source: Fandom

This beautiful dragon is the Sky Dragon and was the foster mother to Wendy Marvell. She is a fierce dragon who loves to poke fun at other dragon’s misery. Porlyusica is her human counterpart of Edolas.

She is never seen using her signature Dragon Slayer Magic but has taught her foster daughter well. In addition to her draconic abilities, she is very well-versed in using telepathy and communication magic.

2. Igneel

Igneel | Source: Fandom

Igneel is known as the Fire Dragon King and was the foster father of Natsu Dragneel. Before meeting Natsu, he had a very neutral view towards humankind, but after taking care of him, he grew very fond of them.

He was the one who had taught Natsu, the Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. He was a very powerful and fierce dragon, as he was able to overpower Acnologia with only a fraction of strength left in him.

1. Acnologia

Acnologia | Source: Fandom

He was the most fearsome dragon ever who had haunted the entire series narrative as an antagonist. He was also known as the Black Dragon, and his true motive was to erase the world’s existence. Also, he was the one who caused the death of various dragons like Igneel.

Having lived for over 400+ years, he has accumulated vast powers and thus is a very skilled fighter. Further, he was capable of consuming and withstanding any magical attacks, making him truly a formidable foe

About Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima.

During his journey to explore the Kingdom of Fiore, Natsu Dragneel, a dragon slayer wizard from the Fairy Tail guild, becomes friends with a young celestial wizard named Lucy Heartfilia and invites her to join Fairy Tail.

Lucy agrees and forms a team with Natsu and his cat-like partner, Happy. The team was later joined by other members: Gray Fullbuster, an ice wizard; Erza Scarlet, a magical knight; and Wendy Marvell and Carla, another dragon slayer and Exceed duo.

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