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The Way of The Househusband Anime Receives Extra Live-Action Shorts!!

Imagine being a butt-kicking gang leader one day and making bubble tea the next?

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The Way of the Househusband follows the struggles and lifestyle of Tatsu, who retired from his violent days to be a household husband/perfectionist!   

Though some fans were disappointed with the anime adaptation of the incredible manga, its widespread popularity has prompted another short live-action series and a special chapter coming our way!

Netflix revealed that a new live-action short series following The Way of the Househusband anime would be coming to the silver screens on the 29th of August.  

The bonus series “Gokukakudo” will be distributed. “Mr. Tsuda, I will master the path of ingenuity.” A collection of short stories that captures the days of <Mr. Tsuda>, who is the ultimate in deep housework, and the cats who watch over him warmly.  Worldwide exclusive distribution starts from August 29th.

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The live-action extra “shorts” will feature five 4-minute episodes filled with slapstick humor and time in the kitchen! 

These will follow events that occurred between episodes of Kousuke Oono’s anime. With his cat looking after him, Tatsu must perform various duties and chores such as cleaning the house, using a cooking knife, and even fixing a sliding door!

Quite a change of scene from the life he left behind.

The Way of the Househusband Anime Receives Extra Live-Action Shorts!!
The Way of the Househusband | Source: Fandom

Much like the last live-action, we have got Kenjiro Tsuda, the voice actor of the protagonist Yakuza Tatsu in the Netflix anime series, starring in the live-action “shorts!” 

For the manga fans, a special chapter of The Way of the Househusband by Kousuke Oono will be published in Jump Square issue 10/2021 of August!!

Will we see more run-ins with past gang members or cooking showdowns? How will this chapter impress us? 

I’d highly suggest catching up on the manga as the anime adaptation may not guarantee the experience the manga does—and now we have a new chapter to enjoy!  

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About The Way Of the Househusband

The Way of the Househusband is a comedy manga by Kousuke Onno. It was first serialized in February 2018 and is an ongoing manga.

Immortal Tatsu is a retired yakuza who has chosen the life of a househusband over that of a gangster. He spotlessly finishes all household chores to support his wife, Miku.

His appearance is in stark contrast to his love for cute bentos and dogs. His run-ins with other yakuza often turn out to be a hilarious situation.

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