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Way Of The Househusband Live-Action Series Receives Spinoff

The Way of the Househusband manga follows an infamous and feared gangster, Tatsu, who shifts to a much more peaceful lifestyle as a househusband.

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The ex-yakuza can even put veteran housewives to shame with his enthusiasm to perform the household chores to perfection.

Hulu Japan announced that the live-action series based on the Way of the Househusband manga will receive a spinoff original story series. This spinoff will premiere on the Hulu streaming service on November 8.

The six episodes long spinoff is titled 3-nen Tatsu-gumi: Gokushufu-sensei. It will reimagine Tatsu as a substitute home economics teacher while the main teacher was on maternity leave.

Hulu Original Story, 3-nen Tatsugumi: Gokushufu-sensei, where the strongest husband and former gangster becomes a home-economics teacher. A new mini-school drama is born!

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We can expect an absurd comedy performance that is fit for the crime fiction-loving audience.

The original live-action series premiered on NTV on October 11 and we already know about the staff returning for the series.

PositionStaffOther works
DirectorTōichirō RutōOssan Love
ScriptwriterUda Manabu99.9 -Keiji Senmon Bengōshi
Theme song artistDa-iCE(The) case files of Jeweler Richard
Way of the Househusband Live-Action Series Receives Spinoff
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Additionally, Netflix has announced that the manga will receive an anime adaptation in 2021. Kenjiro Tsuda, the actor who played the protagonist in live-action, will voice the protagonist in the Netflix anime.

About The Way Of The Househusband

The Way of the Househusband is a comedy manga by Kousuke Onno. It was first serialized in February 2018 and is an ongoing manga.

Immortal Tatsu is a retired yakuza who has chosen the life of a househusband over that of a gangster. He flawlessly finishes all household chores to support his wife, Miku.

His appearance is in stark contrast to his love for cute bentos and dogs. His run-ins with other yakuza often turn out to be a hilarious situation.

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