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The Universe Seed’s Power Revealed in Dragon Ball Heroes

With the ‘unboxing’ of the Universe Seed in the latest episode of DB Heroes, the audience got the answer to the most general question – ‘Just how much power does this Universe Seed have?’ The seed is a topic of mass discussion since the bad guys stated their plan of defeating Zen-oh Sama with it.

The Universe Seed’s Power

While Goku is getting pushed back by Heart’s violent aggression, Piccolo and Android 17 are exchanging blows with Kamioren (fusion of Kamin and Oren). Our Z fighters gain the upper hand in the battle by working together. However, the situation reverses when Universe Seed opens, and a mysterious light keeps coming out of it.

In the moment of Kamioren’s defeat, Heart comes to his aid with the power of the ‘Universe Seed.’ Heart throws the glowing relic of Universe Seed to Kamioren and he absorbs its energy to conquer the Universe 7. Not only did its power give Kamioren a new transformation, but the strength was at a whole new level. It was then, just a matter of time before Kamioren defeated the Z fighters. That is just the start because Universe Seed is still not used to its full potential. We are eagerly waiting to see the potential of the Universe Seed.

Dragon Ball Heroes Plot

Dragon Ball Heroes follows the adventures of Son Goku and other Z-fighters, that play out between the events of Dragon Ball Super and the upcoming sequel. Making Heroes was probably a tough call, based on the fact that we saw a long pause after twelve episodes. Even though Dragon Ball Heroes fails to be an anime of the DB franchise level, it has its own shining moments. I am specifically referring to Son Goku finally mastering the Ultra Instinct. With him getting an overpowered weapon, our villains have just the same potential of destruction through the use of ‘Universe Seed.’

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